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  1. Great to know,thank you MC. I am using the 2 email technique.I figured that was the right thing to do,but just wasn't 100% sure.
  2. Hello everyone, Every time i start a campaign i get a lot of these answers and i feel there's a deal in it.I just don't know what to do or say.Help me out guys. In an email campaign i just did,i have 4 sellers who mentioned ,they would do a lease option but only if it is for me,they don't want a third party as if someone who's acting as a broker. Are these possible deals or is it just me.Help me out guys,please.THank you again.
  3. Thank you MC,one last question.When tenant buyer is ready to buy,what would the property have to be appraised for,in the example above,would it be 110k or price subtracted after the rent credit and my fee.
  4. How did i come up with the price,she actually sent me the info since she still have access to the realtors site.Plus i checked different sites and what have sold in comparisons.Those are real world numbers.It was listed,she took it off,now back for the past 2 months.
  5. Hello guys,i said i wouldn't start over this time and i kept on until i got what i wanted.Here's my situation,seller is very nice and motivated.She used to be a Realtor.Her only concern,she wants to make sure whatever numbers i used,property will be appraised for that.Property worth 102k,she wants 99k ,average rent $1400,i was thinking $1300 with $300 credit.If i were to ask tenant buyer for a 3k fee as example,would i need to offer seller 96k or what other ways can i do this deal without touching her offer price.She's very motivated,she has been trying to sell for 6 months.She's waiting for my contract offer.Can you guys help me.Thank you By the way MC,the two email approach got me that.
  6. Going straight to craigslist and fsbo site and write down numbers to call. This is the best way for me right now,it's free. I was thinking of sending out post cards,but I will wait until after my first deal.
  7. Hello everyone,i will not give up on this. I need everyone's help please. I make a lot of calls,sellers/ owners are always happy to speak to me until I say: no the property is not for me,most sellers say,we'll try and sell or rent it ourselves we don't need anyone in the middle. I wouldn't say all, but I mostly feel if I knew what to say there I would get that first deal and many more....also,I would use MC's technique ,they would ask what's the name of your company? Help me please.....
  8. Wow...I have been getting some great response since i have been saying i am with a management company.After 1 week i got my first yes.In a high end neighborhood,but i will go for it.Haven't fully checked,3 different sellers are asking 415-425k in the same neighborhood,and there lots are smaller.18k my seller,10k others.I told seller i will check and get back to him tonight.Seller says he can be flexible on price,he's been trying to sell for a year. Here's what i negotiated ,3 years option,2k per month which is 500 less average,50% rent credit.My only problem ,seller wants a bit of the option money,i said how much seller says 5-6k is fine.Help me with the contracts please or anything i maybe missing.A sandwich lease ,what do i sign between me and owner and what will i sign between me and buyer,and how to protect my interest after.I will be advertising the heck out of this property.Help me out guys,thank you all. I will use everything Michael said in the manual,1 year with buyer and go from there.
  9. LOL,thank you MIC.I read the manual over and over again,maybe i am rushing it somewhere.Somehow my confusing question just became clear,i am glad people in this forum really wants to help. "YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE OFFERING"
  10. Hello again guys and gals.I have been trying to present myself as a partner or someone who owns a property management company as the manual says.To tell you the truth i have been getting a lot more yes,and i will call you.For some reason i couldn't close 4 yes out of 27 emails.I noticed my mistake,in my emails i said i have a management company like the manual says,when they call,either excitement or fear i can't control,i say i have a list of tenant/buyers ready to make an offer on their home.My fear,help me understand:how to protect myself when i say or make them believe i will be making payments and taking care of maintenance,i know somehow the tenant will,it's the contract negotiation or protection i need to understand to protect myself from not making payments if i can't find a tenant buyer.Second,Should i register a management company?It was actually 5 yes,2 of them just could not believe the only way i get paid is when buyer buys property.
  11. Hello Everyone, I think i am confused in the wording here,is there a difference between a sandwich lease and a cooperative lease.When i do my marketing ,the sellers that called me thought they would be speaking to an actual tenant buyer,once i explained it to them they say they weren't interested.Are there ways to say yes i am renting the property negotiate and protect myself and still assign it to a tenant buyer without being tied up for monthly payments to seller,and still make some good profits.If yes, what contracts would i use from the manual.
  12. Thanks JVM, I am pushing for deals in New Hampshire and South Florida.I will definitely use your ideas on the gmail accounts and 85 at a time.Thank you very much.This forum has the best group,you guys are great.
  13. Hello JVM I am reviewing and learning again both Michael's manual and (Joe crump method) Since you are using Joe crump's method,what software do you use to blast out the emails.That would really help me please.Because i noticed his software doesn't really send out all the emails.Any help would be gladly appreciated. If anyone else is using a software for sending out emails in bulk please let me know what you ar using.Thank you guys
  14. I used your 2 email system,plus the flier.Somewhere between me speaking and explaining,they will switch to i'm not interested.Realtors by the way have no idea what i'm trying to explain to them.
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