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  1. so If I record the deed and bid, say I'm the highest bidder, the bank gets paid and I get the difference and the house? If I'm not the highest bidder, the bank gets paid and I still get the difference but not the house? -Mary
  2. yes I have the deed. That is an interesting point I never thought of.
  3. try foreclosures.com. they seem to be the best out there. Problem -- they might not cover the area you are looking for -Mary
  4. Hi again! First of all I would like to say I appreciate ya'lls replies very much....here's the question: I am in Florida and foreclosures are handled by the courts and attorneys. We just purchased a property with the foreclosure sale less than 4 days away. We wanted to purchase subject to exsisting loans but the attorney for the bank stated we would have to reinstate the loan and that would take up to 10 days. Has anyone dealt with foreclosure attorneys? If so do you know how to buy property subject to so close to the sale and have the bank attorneys get it done. Thanks! Mary
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    thanks for your help!
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    It appears the judgement is on 3 individuals from a bank, due to a foreclosure they had in Maine. There is a paper called a writ of execution for 3,800 to the defendants. The original judgement amount was 55,000 prior to the sale of the house in Maine. does this mean all of the debt was satisified except the $3,800? This debt was many years prior to the purchase of the house I am trying to buy from the homeowner in default. How can you tell if the judgement attaches to the house? -Mary
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