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  1. Hey! Just saw this! Jersey girls do it better
  2. CS1977


    Long time no chat, all. What's going on MC?? Did you buy the state of Florida yet? ~Christine
  3. Same here Bev, Firefox girl. Although Flock's browser is a close second simply because the social networking features are really killer. As for Chrome, I d-loaded it but then uninstalled after I read the EULA. They own the rights to any blog content you create with it??!! No thanks!
  4. Lol, I haven't been around here much because all my blogging, twittering, facebooking and web 2.0-ing have taken over my life!!
  5. So one of the houses I moved in 6 days for a cool 6k option fee two yrs ago this month (and talked about in this very thread)......owner contacted me and said t/b was not exercising option and wants me to help her out again. Signed the contract today! Now while I know the market is not as hot, it is a very sought after school district so I'm going to market the crap outta it! Mama needs some brand new shoes for the spring
  6. seriously, it's been deaaadddddd lately around these parts!!
  7. Hi Patrick, To answer your question about convincing sellers, the answer is--you don't. There is either motivation there or not. Granted, the type of sellers you do CAs with aren't usually motivated in the way a person in pre-foreclosure, for example, is.....but the key is offering the benefits of a CA to them: no commission to pay, no drastic purchase price discount, top of the market rent, little involvement in maintainance and repairs, tax benefits of remaining on the deed, etc...... Any specific questions you have pertaining to the workings of a CA deal will help us help you better. C
  8. I am working on one short sale, have one CA signed up and another CA I am about to sign up. Speaking of short sales, just heard this guy speak at my REIA. My be a good deal for those who do a lot of short sale volume but are sick of the bank/loss mit B.S.: The Short Sale Service Inc.
  9. Yup, I've been on MySpace and Facebook for awhile now. Facebook is especially addicting.
  10. I am pretty surprised at the lack of calls on 1 of the 2 CAs I have under contract. One I have down the shore is getting a good amt. of activity (it's priced at a good discount), but not the one up here near me. I have done many different forms of advertising for it and it has been so slow. The house is really nice too, but I think it just goes to show how much things have slowed down here. The contract is about the expire and the seller is not budging on his price. He's one of the part time flippers that bought and then rehabbed the place and now has it priced so he can pull his money back out. But no one's biting. He says if he lowers it he'll take a loss. As if the holding costs aren't killing him right now! Interestingly enough, I just got a list of people who are 60 and 90 days late on their mortgages to market to--and he's on there for his own residence. Yikes. I thought we could really move it at his price but I guess things are worse than I even realized out there.
  11. also http://www.rentometer.com/
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