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  1. If you're an investor looking for properties to flip, wholesale or buy and hold, we can help you. We offer homes for as little as $6k and go up to $250k. We have homes you can purchase for 20-30% of today's market value. Of course they need to be rehabbed. We can complete the rehab for you or you can flip the properties "as is". Obviously these homes need work, but they're not total disasters! We'll let you know what work needs to be done and an approximate rehab cost. WE OFFER SOME OF THE HIGHEST CASH ON CASH RETURN IN THE BUSINESS! You'll be hard pressed to find higher cash on cash return. Please contact us for a complete and detailed listing of how the program works. swisher.p@gmail.com
  2. I have note buyers begging for this - psglobal1@yahoo.com
  3. I have a couple in Texas sitting on 40-60 oil wells. They need 150K to get some of these wells into production. They will pay 25% interest for 1-2 years (lender's choice). The collateral for this loan is the oil equipment and the leases on 44 wells. I have detailed documents to prove the worth of the collateral, and, with the price hitting $100/barrel, I think this is quite a safe investment. There is also a back in for the lender receiving 13.5% working interest on the life of these wells. Anxious to get into production. psglobal1@yahoo.com
  4. 1617 High Street South Bend, Indiana 46613 4 Bedroom Selling Cash Price $40,000.00 1 1/2 Bathroom Full Basement Est. Appraisal Value $65,000.00 Living Room Dining Room $25k Equity (Amount of Equity) 2 Story 1800 sq ft 38% Equity (Percentage of Equity) Remodeled Very Spacious #'s based on a $40k purchase price Property management is available (in house) Cash Flow Guaranteed. Low monthly payment (interest rate) when refinanced on your own. Great deal
  5. LOOKING FOR CASH BUYERS. Rental properties, rehabbed, tenants in place, property management available Perfect for out-of-state investors Price per home 20K-50K Equity per home 40%-60% Located in South Bend, IN and Akron, OH Contact Patti psglobal1@yahoo.com 231-755-4430/269-369-3679
  6. Dustin, I have many rental homes with tenants in place - looking for cash buyers - 20K-50K per house. Tenants in place - property management available. HANDS OFF INVESTING perfect for out-of-state investors. Cash flow per house - $200-$500/month. These homes have been rehabbed. Equity 40-60% per home. Homes are in South Bend, IN and some in Akron, OH. Interested - contact Patti at psglobal1@yahoo.com
  7. I have 30-50% EQUITY in very cheap rental homes with tenants in place and property management available. These homes are in South Bend, IN and Akron, OH - they have been rehabbed. We are looking for CASH Buyers. Price per home is in the range of $25K-55K. Cash flow per month ranges form $200-$500. You can speak directly with the principal. Any interest - please contact me at psglobal1@yahoo.com Perfect HANDS OFF INVESTING for out-of-state investors.
  8. I have sources for funding very expensive projects. My source likes to only fund millions to billions of dollars - must have some equity in the project and must be able to speak directly with the principals. All serious projects - land, hotels, condo conversions, etc. in the USA AND/or abroad. Also, smaller projects with a different source. Email me with details and needs: THANK YOU! psglobal1@yahoo.com
  9. I have cash flow properties - SFR, some duplexes and multi-units with some equity in NW IN. These have been rehabbed and managed. I also have 2 programs for out-of-state investors with no money down - one even has cash back. Please email me with any interest. I can send you info. psglobal1@yahoo.com
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