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  1. I have had a lot of trouble getting ads deleted. I finally found out that Volunteeers . look for ad s that are not placed about a specific pc of property. and links are sometimes a violation . anyway they told me If I had 6 properties to put in 6 ads rather than lumping them together. so ok that 6 times some one sees my website address. . Here is one of my ads: This 3 bed 1 1/2 Bath Home has a large metal workshop,a large in ground swimming pool,and 5 beautiful acre's for mini farming or just enjoying the county life. Large oak trees Garden area. Great home for someone self employed. Rent-to-own/ Owner Finance , No Credit check. Go to http://www.schouses.net/rent_to_own and click on the orange button for more information and pictures.
  2. I am sure they are just discussing their Dean Whitter accounts!!!
  3. Hi Guys , Wow does this one hit home .DO NOT put ac or any copper units in until ready to move in . I have lost 8 units this year alone . one street they stole every one on the street even occupied homes with live wires and all . (Wish I could walk up on one ,I have a lot of anger to vent )they walk up and cut the freon lines and electrical lines and off they go , to somewhere they can disassemble it and sell it for junk.I have been removing units if a house is vacant and telling people that next day it will be hooked up. It has become so newsworthy people seem to understand. It seems that area has nothing to do with it . Good luck and keep a look out for someone moving a unit in a truck. Tracy Mills
  4. Wow mike that sounds challanging I think I will have to try that. I am always up for a new idea! Thanks
  5. Hi , I have a house under contract and need to close quickly. It is a 3/2 Ranch recently rebuilt after a small fire everything brought up to code. It has 3+ Acers with it in a rapidly growing area in South Carolina. I have a recent appraisal from 3/07 of $215,000 and I have house under contract for 125,000 plus I need some funds to re-landscape as It was all cleared away. Total amount needed is $ 140,000. That’s a 65%LTV Willing to pay 10% simple interest and 2 points at closing .Is their anyone that can do this deal. Thanks Tracy Mills
  6. Hi . I am in need of a pure option form . I have an out of town investor that has been led by a realtor to finance over 12 homes to the 90% ltv. they are sitting vacant and I would like to try moving them . We discussed doing a lease option but investor would really like to just get rid of them . If I can't sell them in 30 -45 days then we are going to look at L/O. But I do not have a Pur option form . Can someone help me . Thanks Tracy
  7. Using the Versa Checks is a great idea. I am wondering do you put, say, a flyer on the bottom page of the check as advertising? Or a small letter? I may try putting a small letter on the bottom. It will be folded over and unseen any way.
  8. Johnathan I was wondering about the Sub 2 Houses I keep runnig into Sub 2s that are higher on the LTV scale some got more loan than they should have How if any way do you use Private money to get those and stay safe for investopr . I guess stay away form the house . They are so willing to give deed.
  9. What are your points ,Closing cost etc.
  10. http://www.makeaneasywebsite.com/main/home I am doing mine here and it is so much easier.
  11. I deal mostly in Preforeclosures what about people 5-7 months behind. can i get in on this
  12. Hi. When I do short sales I add a clause stating that my offer is contingent upon the lender not seeking any kind of deficency judgment aginst the homeowner for the shortage. I also use easyhud.com. Works great for filling out Hud 1. Two minutes and I am done. Hope this helps. Tracy Mills
  13. I saw it and It is exactly what I have been experiencing and didn't know how to tell it . I know some may think I have flipped my lid , But I have worked in the const industry for 15 yrs now .I buid my own kit. cabinets. I know how to do Stair cases (Curved Iron Ballusters you name it) there is so much cut throut pricing going on I stayed frustrated most of the time and broke waiting to get paid. 4 Months ago I quit . I have about 20,000 dollors worth of eqiupment and its just sitting . I started doing Short sales with help from everyone on here and I enjoy helping people in need ,giving them hope .I have learned a lot ,and I am yet to argue with anyone and my live is slowly changing I hear the birds singing now and I work from home so no big gas bills. I see my 5 month old and my3 yr old all day . Life is so much better . I haven't closed a sale yet but it's coming I feel it and know it in my gut . Can not explain the peace I have in my Life . Thanks guys Tracy Mills. I am just so grateful and blessed
  14. Do you do anything in South Carolina.
  15. Hi everyone. I have been reading posts on here till my eyes are crossed and its 4:00 AM . I have learned so much from everone else's experiences, a most valuble resource. I have been mailing John Michaels Letter out every week now for 3 weeks, averaging 100 names a week. I have had a super response, beating out many other investors because of a letter that offers explanation, options, and hope. Following up these leads has been eye opening. I have spent much time on the phone trying to learn the art of talking with mortgage companies. So now I have my first possible deal. Lady in foreclosure. Owes 6 payments of $625. Has forced placed insurance on her home. It is in a HOT area of town. Needs some work done to it, (older home). I was attempting to do a short sale on the home, and when I finally got to right person in loan dept, I mentioned leasing the home from owner for 3-5 years, and they BIT! They said I f I could get a lease agreement that would prove income enough to cover payment they would move past due to rear of loan and forgive penalties, and allow loan to go forward as it should. Owner was elated and we are meeting to do a 5 yr L/O. I am going to advertise the house as a fixer upper and L/O to someone else, and move this lady who has gained employment once again into a smaller and lower L/O house in another part of town. AIN'T THIS stuff fun! Not a dime out of my poket so far. One question though about the home owners insurance. Should she be the one to get policy to replace the force placed insurance by lender, or should I? Or even can I? Thanks for all of you post and Questions I get to read . Tracy Mills
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