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  1. INVESTOR GROUP IS LOOKING FOR NEW MEMBERS This would be for investments in Oregon and some in Washington state The investments are in small apts complexes and commercial propeties as well sfh and small farms Buy ins start at 100 .00 and go to 1,000,00 per deal and are at this time putting 5 or more properties under contract a day So the buying is very hot right now will have a return on funds invested in 60 to 90 DAYS The returns at this point are in the 40 to 50 % range per invested funds Want to buy in send email to bsat001 @netzero.com and will be given more information
  2. good advice Iam just in well i do not know what that no one has had deallings with this person Or they may have and they were not good and ashamed to speak up ? We all need to know about the good /bad / ripoffs
  3. Was ju8st wondering has any one had any deallings with this person ? If so could you post so we all know good bad
  4. OKAY THANK YOU all for your help I have recived my asked fo loan from a company called ALL SERVICES MORTGAGES It was super and yes it cost me a fee up front but it was only 500.00 and i got my loan and the terms were for 36 months with it amortized over 30 years at 6 % And it was done and at my escrow company in days They do not care about low ficos just that there is equity in the deal If any one is looking for a loan for real estate with por or bad credit and looking to make there credit better i would say this is the place They work on a referal deal so if you need and want this service then contact me
  5. I need a short term 500 K hard money loan secured by real estate asap This would be for a person with bad credit ficos in the 500 s As well would need to be a little to no doc deal as most of income is unprovable by paper if some one were to do say like a JV this would be all right i am sure at this point Just need theses funds in place /in hand /in account with in 30 days Any help on this matter would be looked on most kindly contact at cbainc2008@live.com
  6. I would like you to contact me and tell me more about all the services you offer Corporations and your hard money people as well contact me at bsat001@netzero.com as soon as you can THANKYOU
  7. still need funds email me and fill me in on your needs and the state you are in bsat001@@wmconnect.com
  8. please email me so i can find out just waht it is you want to do with your 25 houses and may be we can help bsat001@wmconnect.com thank you
  9. if you want real help and want to have a real estate set up and make real money then i have the deal for you i was looking for funds and then i was able to get the funds as well became a rep for a bussiness that is just the best in the world as well iam doing real estae deals all most every day now with no worries of money to do them and have a coporation in place as well and i have a 1,000.000.00 mill credit line in place to make my deals work !!!! if yopu would like to have the same thing and can make the investment as i did /// and or would like more information contact me bsat001@wmconnect.com asap as you can be up and going with in 60 days and no more money worries for your deals and a coporation to put all your deals in for safe keeping
  10. how do i get started to get a loan from you please get back to me at bsat001@wmconnect.com
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