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  1. Ok I have not posted in a while have two kids under two and one's two months old. Anyways I cannot remember if I posted about this free software. It can be found here they have new updates every 14 days. Basically this software helps you find leads off of backpage, craigsllist and a few others. So I have been running searches like house for rent, rent to own and so on. Then I can select one or all the ads and email them about there property. I have gotten a better response to this then posting on those sites. Well gust wanted to let you guys and girls know about it. Let me know how it works for you. Now I need to get back to buying some Stone Temple Pilots tickets.
  2. apbowman

    PPC tool

    Ok I found this tool the other day. It lets you see keywords for the top ppc in Google. This tool only works in firefox so sorry IE users. It is free to download and you can pay to upgrade the service. I use some ppc to bring in buyers and people with bad credit so I can put them through my credit repair program then I turn them into buyers. We anyways here is the link hope you find it useful. Have a great week and happy investing. Aaron
  3. It does work pretty good. I also have another website for something similar. This is a free download also.
  4. Here is an other great free tool I just started to use. http://www.motiont.com/craigslistreader.aspx
  5. I have a client here in ct who's house I am doing a leas option, they also have a house free and clear in FL in the Naples area. I am looking for an investor to help her rent this property out.
  6. Just wanted to pass this on as I think most might benefit from it. This is a link for anyone who needs a Real Estate Investing website and does not want to spend a lot of cash. The link is http://www.instantreiprofits.com/idevaffiliate/pages/107.php What is get is TWO Real Estate Investor Websites for $20.00. One is a Motivated Seller and the other is Foreclosure Website. You will also get aback office that will track all your leads for you. There support is great and you can’t beat the price, you can also add your own content if you want. There is no need to know html or xhtml this is all point and click with drop down menus. Check out my site at www.synergyhomeinvestments.net or email me with any question.
  7. I was introduced to this company a few day ago..This is a great opportunity to make some extra cash every month while helping out our past clients. Here are some of the details on the program and a link for further information. Please feel free to contact me with any question. Aaron This tool is a great business opportunity for those in many fields. The most successful seem to be: # Mortgage Brokers & Loan Officers # Mortgage Account Executives # Sales Professionals # Closing Attorneys # Real Estate Agents # Financial Advisors Among many others!!! Making Money This program is designed for those that have direct contact with mortgage clients or know many individuals, that have, or are about to obtain a mortgage. With a simple 2 minute presentation, and a 3 page application, you can add a significant amount of income to your pocket. You will be paid 65% of one bi-weekly payment, for each client application you submit. So if a client's monthly mortgage payment breaks down to $2000, you will be paid 65% of $1000, or $650. Now multiply this by how many clients you have closed over the last several years and the current pipeline you have, you can make a great deal of additional income. Once you sign up a client, your work is done. You do not have to follow up with clients, worry about mortgage payments or anything. We will send a letter on your behalf, welcoming the client to Auburn Equity Management, Inc, and give them our customer service phone #, website and a list of FAQ so they know exactly what to do in the case of needing to change anything that pertains to their payment and/or lender. Remember to read over the products page, so you are well versed with our program. Also when you do join you will be assigned a direct marketing contact here at Auburn Equity that is here to help you make more money. So any questions you have in regards to how the program works, or how to better sell this product, you can always call! Some of the features of our product: * There are zero up front costs to your client to join this program. * One of the best features about our product is the fact that it is transferable for life! &nbspIf clients ever refinance or buy a new home, just call customer service and we will happily adjust the lender we pay monthly, with NO additional charges! Many lenders offer a similar service, however they are going to charge from $400-1,000 up front. Worse, if your loan is sold, which happens daily, or you refinance or sell your home, you can no longer use the service without having to pay a new lender another "administrative fee" to join. * Auburn Equity saves you this headache and potential for additional fees. Remember no fees to change your lender payments with us FOR LIFE! * A typical client will save $50,000 or MORE. What can they do with that kind of savings? # Travel around the world? # Buy a boat? # Start a business? # Spoil your grandkids? * Do your clients want to save even more, simply add an additional $25 or $50 bi-weekly, and this will be applied towards your principal monthly, saving them an additional several years and nearly doubling your interest savings! Website here for business end To sign up in the program FREE
  8. That what I thought but was not sure thanks for the help.
  9. Ok I partnered up with a new investor on a short sale any ways his cut is going to be about 5K..My question is what it the best way to pay him if I don't have a payroll. I am a signal member LLC, what forms will I or should I fill out to me this on the up and up. I am not sure if I should just give him a check at close. Any help in the right direction would be great.
  10. Thanks for the info..I sent in my side of the story let see what happens.
  11. Ok so I have this home owner who got all pissed off because a deal did not close do to the end buyer not getting financing. Basically I put an option to purchase on the property. Once I found an end buyer I entered into a purchase contract with the home owner had her fill out a Irrevocable Contract Release Agreement and Irrevocable Pay Order Agreement ( so I get paid the difference between the two contract). I then had the Seller and new buyer enter into a contract together and I was to be paid the difference. So my end buyer gets a pre-approval letter from the bank and we are told that we could close on or about the 27th of the month and that everything still has to go to underwriting. Well the deal falls apart because of the end buyer writes to much off on this taxes. So this all took place between March and May of this year. So the home owner files a complaint with the better Business Bureau. I just want to know what could come of this should I get my attorney involved??
  12. ok thanks MC I will contact him today.
  13. I have my 1st property out of state and need a local paper to run an ad in. Anyone familiar with Phenix City Al. area?
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