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  1. Although this sounds like a simple dilemma, speaking from absolutely ZERO experience, I can understand where the confusion is. Could you keep us posted on how the deal progresses? Becuase I am sure that I will eventually come across a seller like this. Thank You -Jason A.F. & A.M. 211
  2. I am looking to find a wholesale deal in the area of Savage MD. Properties in need of MINOR cosmetic work are acceptable. My father wants to rent a house from me, so I will not put him in a shack, obviousally. If you have any leads, please let me know. Thanks Guys -Jason
  3. How many people have 800 numbers? How would you rate their success? Do you feel it is the key to running your business successful? I have two options... 1) Get a regular phone line, and set up voice mail (24 hour recorded info) Pros: Cheaper No time limit Cons: Can not post ads in other states, or long distance areas 2) Get a 800 # Pros: Easier to market Can keep the number for life Looks more professional Cons: More expensive Ability to be abused One of the concerns that I have about the 800 # is that someone might call, leave their phone off the hook, and that will run up my bill to sky high levels. Does anyone have any advice on which I should do? I don't want to step too far over my head... But the kick I got from the "Marketing Plan" on a previous post, points out... If I wait.. I just lose money. Next Question: What successes have you guys had with signs? Passing out cards? Flyers? Newspaper Ads? Thanks Guys... You are the support for my business, and I do appreciate it. -Jason A.F. & A.M. 211
  4. Can someone do me a favor? And remove this shoe from my ass? It is becoming painful.. That was a way to put the marketing plan. I am going to get a dedicated phone line set up within 2 weeks, then I will go to these places... and post these signs EVERYWHERE.. Give them to Family and freinds to post... Give them to co-workers ... Give them to damned near everyone to post!! Whoever wrote that... I have a question ... What do I do if... (SMACK!!!!!) LOL... I love this place... I can get a smile by reading the posts. -Jason A.F. & A.M. 211
  5. I have several leads, in which the owner is gone. 1) A ran down house, in the middle of college town. I know that some agent attempted to sell it ... But it was foreclosed upon. Basis: Windows boarded up, and there is a real estate agent's sign on the deck, under like 1 inch of dirt as well as an open house sign. -- I think this house was foreclosed on 2) Lady moved out of house, becasue her husband committed suicide in the house. A friend told me about this property (for the finders fee of course.. LOL)... -It is advertised by an agent, and according to her, has been for sale for about 7 months. I am pretty sure that the contract has expired. One is in another state, and the other is in some small county. I was planning on calling the tax assessors office first to see if I could get any info. Does anyone have any tips that might help me track down the owners? Thanks! -Jason A.F. & A.M. 211
  6. What state are you in? What training was required for you to get there? It sounds like a good way to generate leads, and at the point that I am in, I need all the leads I can get. Expecially leads where I know that the seller is motivated!! Thanks!! -Jason A.F. & A.M. 211
  7. One thing that she asked me, that I wished I could answer... What type of problems do they have. With the ease of getting a mortgage these days... Almost anyone can get a loan. Why can't your clients get a standard loan? So my question is: Why can't our clients get standard loans? Why do they go through a L/P agent? I forwarded her name to someone who does Sub2 deals... Perhaps he can get something from her. Hey, we are all here to help each other out. She might have not received me, but she might receive someone with all cash. Pass it on right? Thanks Guys!! -Jason A.F. & A.M. 211
  8. Greetings to all I made more cold calls today, and got one investor, and one potential. Although I am not worried about the outright rejection, I wish people would give me feedback if I screwed the whole deal up. This is not a exact transcript of the conversation, but it is close. She called me back, based on a message I left: Me: Hello, This my name is Jason Bhattacharya, How are you? A friend gave me your number in regards to a house that is for sale. … She tells me about the house Me: Sounds wonderful. Well, I work for a company called Cheshire Developments, and we work in Lease Purchase. What lease purchase is… (described l/p). We will be responsible for all the rent payments as well as the upkeep of the house … We work with people who have b-d credit, Her: So I lease the house to you, and then you lease it to someone else? Me: That is correct Her: Why wouldn’t I rent it myself Me: (told her about all the headaches she’d have with rental tenants, as well as how T/Bs are better because they are looking to buy the house. Not rent it, then I told her that section 8 people will never qualify to move into one our houses, since we deal with nice houses, in nice neighborhoods) Her: Why can’t the people get a loan by themselves? I have major debts as well as no credit, and I got a business loan. That is much harder to get then it is a loan for a house, since the house will be the collateral for the loan. Me: Well, I am not sure on that to be quite honest. I would be more then happy to get back with you in that regard if you would like. But from what I know based on my research and readings, people that can’t qualify for a bank loan have some problems in their past, that with time will go away. I cited an example of my doctor friend, who has just opened a practice, and according to the bank his debt to income ratio is off the roof. So he won’t qualify for a loan, for about three years, when he starts to show a profit in his business. Her: Well, what I don’t understand is the bank should see that this doctor is making $500,000 a year, and the loan would be secured by the house anyways. Me: Yes, as I said, I would love the opportunity to sit down with you and your husband, and I would bring someone who has more experience in this area then I do. Would that be acceptable? Her: No. I don’t think that would work. Afterwards she told me about her background in business and told me that she was worried about 1) The tenants lowering the value of the neighborhood 2) What type of tenants would have such bad credit that they can’t buy a house. 3) What if we did not exercise our option to purchase her house, although she would get to keep the equity, she would have another headache to deal with. I don’t think that anyone wants to read the whole convo, but that is a basic summary of it. Does anyone have any feedback for me? The reason that I think that this MIGHT have worked, is because she was asking all the questions… Or do you guys think that she was just grilling me for the hell of it? Any feedback would be appreciated. -Jason A.F. & A.M. 211
  9. I just wanted to say thank you for the offer to help us determine the value of properties. I am sure that someone (coughmecough) will take ya up on it. One of these days, I too will be able to offer info from an "experienced" point of view. Thank You -Jason
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