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  1. I get a few inquiries from zillow daily but most are looking ot rent and do not have anywhere close to a 3% option consideration, as they are only looking to rent. Maybe i'd have better success in the for sale section???
  2. I have been advertising in the rental section, but I'm rethinking that strategy. do you advertise in the rental or for sale section? Do you have a preference and if so why? Looking for feedback from the masters! Thanks
  3. $80!!! Good lord!! $10 i can do! [Just kidding] - Thanks for the replies folks, i have to call around tomorrow for sign prices.
  4. I have a home listed at 200k that i'm trying to find a TB for so i put the yellow hand written sign out front with phone #, monthly rent, beds & baths and my website. Someone from the HOA emailed me about my unprofessional sign so I have two questions: 1. what would you do. 2. for those of you who use professional signs when marketing for a TB, how much do you pay for your signs, and where do you buy them so that I may possibly purchase some?
  5. a year ago i did a CA at 213k with 6k down. I was going to do a 18 or 24 month but TB only had 3k [said he had 6 initially but whatever] so I made it a 12 month lease with the option to renew for another 12 months with another 3k down. Now he wants to go month to month because he "may have to transfer with his job soon and another 3k is out of the question." Lease ends April 1st, by feb 1st i had not responded to his request so he told me he would move out... cool! Middle of Feb i sent this email: "Guy" Sorry for the delayed reply. It took me a while to contact Mr "owner" but he did give me a call from "xxx" to discuss your property. He was really disappointed that you will not be able to buy it as we all initially planned. I did however tell him about your future move back home with your job and I told him you were doing it to be closer to your family, which he understood. Most sellers get very irate when this type of thing happens, but he was overly nice about it and said he wishes you and your family the best! He is still looking to sell the property ASAP while he still has a little, and I do mean little, equity in the property. I tried but could not sell him on the benefits to him of a month to month rental in this current real estate market. Since you and "wife" will be moving out by April 1st I will have to come by and take some photos of the property so it can be listed for sale again. If you could let me know when is a good day and time for me to stop by and do that I would greatly appreciate it. ----- the day i sent the email I get a call from a "buyer" interested in that property even though it is listed as "pending/under contract" on my site. He asks if it's on the market and i said yes. I didn't realize until after i hung up that the call had to be a friend of the tenants. A few hours later a crazy lady [ his wife is nuts btw] called asking if i had any homes in that area and i said no but took her information, even though she couldnt tell me how much she had for a downpayment and kept saying "just tell me if you have some homes in that area." Now it's been 5 days and no reply to my email, which is his preferred communication method. i want to have them show the home to future TB's and no damage it out of anger so I need to approach this carefully. What would you guys do [call him i'm sure] and what would you say? Any help offered would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance
  6. An rss feed feature would be great! That way i could just subscribe to the forum and it would show up in my google feed with other forums that i subscribe to. I know IPB has the feature and the admin can activate it so if they have still taken over the reins to get you back on track I would love for you to ask them to activate that feature for your members. That is if everyone else thinks it is a good idea of course???
  7. thanks Jonathan, it looks like with this purchase price should not come up in my discussion with the deeds receptionist.
  8. Is it a flat fee when you guys record a memorandum or does it vary depending on your contract sales price? I ask because it's normally $15 to record a the 1st page of a document at our deeds office, and I thought to myself let me record a memorandum on an upcoming deal. My memorandum referred to the property as "exhibit a attached hereto and made a part hereof by reference." After the receptionist asked to see exhibit a and saw the sales price she started calculating the taxes on the contract price and asked for $50. Now the price of course is irrelevant but I know it doesn't take much to figure out the sale price by doing the tax calculation in reverse. Am I over thinking this?
  9. I told her we don't do that but the [as Steve said] the t/b would be responsible for that if it went to court. She was fine with that.
  10. That makes sense, but what do you tell the seller? I thought about offering to pay for 1 year of pre paid legal for her, but since she's a lawyer [not sure what type] I don't know how she will respond.
  11. and put a new t/b in afterwards. Of course i have no problem with the 2nd, but does anyone guarantee to cover attorney fees. The seller has had her home listed for 6 months and wants to to a co-op assignment now. what would you tell her?
  12. I'm trying out a new strategy of briefly informing selling of the c/a strategy & then cutting the conversation short with them instead of selling them on it's benefits for 15-20 minutes. One of Pilots posts inspired me to try this. I do send them an email with additional info on the process with my # to call me for more info. This was done to seem 'uninterested' and cool like MC and Pilot but i'll be damned if it's not working! I must be holding the beer in the wrong hand when i'm talking to the folks. What strategies are working for you guys when it comes to informing the sellers of the benefits? 4 minute quickies? 2 hour infomercials? or somewhere in between? I swear I don't know what i'll do if I send out 1 more email after talking to someone on the phone and they don't call back saying TAKE MY HOUSE PLLEEASSEEE, I'LL PAY YOU!
  13. it's been days and i never heard back from her. I replied to her craigslist email from a gmail account and nada. I don't know if she was hoping i'd reply from a company or my website email or what. oh well/
  14. Ok thanks guys. I'll let you know who she's asking for when i speak with her, although her email did say: Hi, can I come take a look at this home for myself either today or tomorrow, depending on your schedule?
  15. Well she may not be the biggest but her ads are everywhere in the city and all over the internet. Today she emailed my craigslist ad stating she wanted to see the house [which is listed by the way for 300+ days with someone else] for herself. I emailed her back and asked for her phone number but hat do you think guys? I mean has anyone done l-o's with realtors as tenants before?
  16. Chris I signed an "option to lease option" that i can exercise by simply providing him with a signed lease, option agreement and the 1st months rent from the tb when i have found one, which i have. What has the homeowner signed? He signed an option agreement giving me authority to market the home, screen tenants, and assign the lease and option i sign with a tb to him with me keeping the downpayment.
  17. Chris I signed an "option to lease option" that i can exercise by simply providing him with a signed lease, option agreement and the 1st months rent from the tb when i have found one, which i have.
  18. this is the same question i asked my self yesterday! I have found a tb for a home i have been marketing and now the owner says "lets hold off on getting the deposit from the tenant." Now his house has been listed for a year & I know he is saying this because traffic has picked up from the realtor after dropping the price 2 months ago to a point where he will just break even and make no money. With me he will make 10-15k when buyer gets a mortgage. I told him i can't string the tb along until your job relocation deadline in april in the hope that your home sells. After making my case he now wants to have a yet to be found attorney "review the contracts." I said fine, let me know where to meet you and your attorney and I will meet at his office. After marketing this home and taking tons of calls since january I thought " is this seller an idiot or is it me?" Should i have done something differently?
  19. You are most definitely correct Pilot. The husband has 4 student loans totaling 22k that each show as being 90 days or more late 7 times in the least few months. They also owe 10k on a car, 4200 in miscellaneous collections if I read the credit report correctly.
  20. Married couple has a 501 [him] and 605 [her - lol] i can post specifics of their credit report later but from that info what are their chances of getting financed? Tell me what info you need to accurately answer the question and i will provide it when i get back from the gym Thanks Verb
  21. I know fha requires 3.5% down but occasionally i hear folks so they have a va loan they can use. Of course i would still try to get a 3.5% down payment but will them having access to a va loan make the process to get them financed easier or quicker in some way? Are there any benefits to one having a va loan over an fha? Just curious Verb
  22. Wow! Talk about making it hot in here. That'll melt the snow!!!
  23. Damn you MC!!! I'm in a frickin blizzard right now in Chicago and you're down there wearing a thong! I'm so jealous
  24. Write it out in crayon! You guys are trying to have me pulled over every 5 minutes by this cop and the rest of the donut crew. He's not my preferred type for putting handcuffs on me, sorry
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