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  1. Dave, how are you? Quick question. I'm doing my girlfriend's tax return and she paid 'X' for union dues. Are union dues tax deductible? If so, where is that information entered or what form is used? Thank you. ~Russ
  2. Dave, thank you very much for your help.
  3. Dave, the people in the house will not live in it. I guess you can say that it is an investment property. Now, if I fully understand you, it doesn't matter whose name is on the mortgage, it matters who actually writes the check? For example, person A & B are on the mortgage, but person C cuts the check. Person C can claim, correct?
  4. Of the five people, 2 will be on the mortgage. the other will be on the title. If I fully understand you dave, you're saying that the two people that are listed on the mortgage can claim a tax deduction. can everyone claim depreciation of the house? since there will only be 2 people listed on the mortgage and someone else that is not listed on the mortgage is writing the checks to the mortgage company, is that person entitled to anything?
  5. Hello Dave. Are the people that are on the title also considered to be on the mortgage? Let's say five people are on the title and only two people are listed on the mortgage (as taking a loan for it). Who can claim? Is it all five people or only those named on the loan?
  6. Situation: 1 house, 5 people All 5 people are on the title of this one house. 2 people will be on the mortgage. My question is, who can claim this house on their taxes and in what way? I thought that the people that are involved with the mortgage can claim 50% each on their yearly taxes. Is this correct? Or, can all five people claim 1/5 on their yearly taxes?
  7. Would you sell your house to someone who looks like this? http://pics.bbzzdd.com/users/fastz28/mj2015.jpg
  8. Lemon law? Why bother looking any further into it. It's a Ford, enough said!
  9. I hope the tooth fairy paid her a visit!!
  10. munruss


    This is one moderator that I wouldn't mess with!
  11. Yeah, great game! My father called me up and yelled at me that the Giants should of played much better. I told dad to relax and have a cold Colt 45!
  12. Michael, you're new message board and website looks terrific, especially the Real Deals page . Keep up the good work.
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