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  1. Awesome...this has been something I've been concerned about, since even though I clearly indicate this possibility with the seller in the beginning, it seems it has the potential to be a big deal when the tenant buyer does want to refi...
  2. Nah...doesn't bother me...just was curious...i agree with you...
  3. In PA, if a "Property management company" lease, list or manage property (as a property manager) you need a real estate license...MC, you say to use this term instead of "investor" when speaking to sellers...have you run into any problems with students in PA using the PM title?
  4. Mostly absentee owners, but im pulling expired listings off the mls this week too...i like the cost of creating lists from the mls (free) but the data has to be massaged a bit for the mail merge...ive purchased lists before and the "clean up" was already done...
  5. My 17 y/o has taken the lead on marketing to CL ads and has 13 sellers ready to go just from a week and a half of work....now we are cranking up the direct mail campaign....
  6. Makes sense...and agree with the comment about it not being called "wholesaling"...borrowed that term from another guy i know...more accurate, as you say, to call it a CA...thanks...
  7. Hi...I just wanted to see if most here are wholesaling L/O's or are doing full blown sandwich deals? What variables cause you to choose one or the other? Thanks....I've focused on wholesaling only, but I definitely like the multiple streams a sandwich deal brings to the table.... Mike
  8. ...working on logistics...just found out about it and would love to bring my 17 y/o...he just locked up two wlo deals and I think it would be great for him/us to bring it all together with your system...
  9. My son and i will definitely be on the call... Mike Buylehighvalleyproperties.com
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