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  1. Also, if you happen to know someone that is earning single digit returns, I would be happy to pay a 5% referral fee for their investment.
  2. Thank you for taking a look at our company. We are looking for investors for our next Mobile Home Park project. Bottom line, we expect to double the investment price tag of $5.5 M in less than 36 months. Our investors are guaranteed to receive 10% per year interest plus a % ownership within the project...this equates to a minimum of a 20% return per year!!! By the way, self-directed IRAs, 1031 Exchanges, etc. are welcome. We have forged a real niche in the mobile home park world. We acquire undervalued MHPs, rehab them and the homes within, and sell or refinance the project. We are the guys that are systematically installing and filling mobile homes throughout the SE part of the country. We have migrated to the area of the country nearest to where I live ...and at the same time we have found that it makes little difference where we go but more important what we do that makes the difference. By giving a minimum wage, maybe less fortunate family than yours or mine, a little dignity and respect, and a show that we care...a wonderful place to live and a little hope...we have found that we truly reap what we sow. Our margins are dictated by us. Our tenants that live and pay us lot rent are a captive audience. It cost several thousand to move their home from our property...they however, don't even consider the thought. We provide everything. All exterior maintenance, lot maintenance, cool seal roofs and general roof repair, (even if we don't own their home). It is unheard of outside our company. We pass through utilities at all of our parks. We usually after a few months or a year or so..end up with lot rent 10%-20% above the market..not all the time but our returns that we desire to insert in our business plan are what we attain. Our tenants have been living in below standard conditions in most cases for years. WE make their lives better in almost every respect concerning living conditions in their neighborhood. The communities and local governments appreciate our efforts since we improve the neighborhood and increase property values. We are a hyper-growth company that is compartmentalized. Each park stands on it's own and each park looks much like the two I have for your review. I could give you a tour of a few thousand lots we are operating and you would not believe your eyes. The key to our success is our motives. Everyone that is in our operation from our tenants, park operators, renovation teams, admin teams, marketing teams, investors, to management teams ALL WIN ALL THE TIME. We, by the way, presently have approximately 7000 mobile home lots (each MHP is usually between 150-500 units), i.e. we are not new at this. Upon request, I will be happy to supply references, our investor package, and the executive summary for the park. The investor agreements are not to be distributed but are for your understanding of how we form the team and assemble the deal. The Ivanhoe Mobile Home Park is closed and half completed. The Columbus, Georgia park is under contract to close. I have local lending here to bridge the deal as it is in my home town...Once you have time to review the data..feel free to call me at 404.644.4100 and we can talk further about the detail of how it all comes together. If the timing is not good, we will be starting another park in Michigan within the next month. I look forward to speaking with you. Warmest Regards, Brad 404.644.4100
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