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  1. Here is the list of tasks my agent is handling: - meeting with seller to get lockbox on house. - taking the pictures. - marketing - showings - taking applications - getting their signatures on the lease and collecting check. Now, I am paying her well, at least I think it is well. I am paying her an amount equal to one months rent on the deal - when the tenant moves in. I tried this previously with an agent that only wanted $500 - but she really didn't understand what I did, nor was she willing to learn. So I moved on.... I pay for the lockbox and I also pay for and place the bandit signs in the yard and around the neighborhood - with her phone number on them. So far it is working great with this agent! She is sharp and hungry. She is a new agent - former school teacher - that wanted more time at home with her young child. She works during nap time and is free evenings and weekends for showings, etc. Hope that helps!
  2. I just brought an agent on board to do the marketing and showing of the properties. Working really nice so far! I just posted in the "Real Estate Jobs" section that I need a Realtor to help lease my houses. The lady I ended up hiring is a young agent just getting started and she is hungry - and it is working out really nice.
  3. Okay, we just got a new property under contract. What I did was have the seller sign and "Option to Lease Option" that I had in my possession. So when I find the tenant/buyer which agreements do I need to get signed and make this happen from the manual. What I want to do is assign both the lease and the option back to the seller once the TB has signed everything and paid me the option fee and first months rent (which goes to the seller). Does that make sense? Which agreements from the manual do I need to use? I should add that the "option to lease option" agreement includes the rent amount and selling price the seller wants. Thanks a bunch! Burke
  4. Chris, I am about to team up with an agent that can pull the expired listings for me. What kind of conversion rate are you getting from these mailings? Burke
  5. I hear ya! I am only giving myself 1/2 a pat on the back at this point.
  6. lomax - I have been using a similar system and its working for me. However, I don't use the "wrong number" approach for the live answers or texts. If I get a live answer I say "I was calling about your house, would you be interested in a lease purchase on it?" Then it tells them to press 1 (I think) to connect to me live or 8 (I think) to be put on our DNC list. You would be surprised how many people connect to me live. I am calling about 20-30 people a day, and my phone starts ringing immediately on most days. You just have to find your groove when you are talking to them on the phone. After a couple of weeks or tweaking and tuning I think I finally have an approach that is working for me - time will tell
  7. Had a great day yesterday - my first seller signed up! I have done nothing but contact FRBO and FSBO off CL. I use CallFire to call them, and email the ones without phone numbers. I typically talk to about 5 people a day. I worked it pretty hard for about a week, then got busy and dropped the marketing for the last 1 1/2 weeks. This seller took 8 days to get back with from my first contact. Needless to say I learned a lesson - keep the marketing going and deals will come! Now I just need to hit the TB marketing hard (started today) and get a TB for this house! I want that first check! Just had to share my little success with all you great people here!
  8. Thanks! I thought that was how that read, but was just not sure how to handle it if the appraisal did not work.
  9. I am negotiating my first deal as I type this. The seller has the following question: "If the house will not appraise for the option price when the TB decides to buy, do I owe them the rent credits back?" "What happens if the house will not appraise for the option price?" Good questions, that I am not sure how to answer! Help!!
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