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  1. As a retired and not licensed lawyer in my present home state, I normally draft my own RE docs, as ANYBODY can do, whether he's a lawyer or not. Licensing is only required if that person is representing somebody else, which can only be done by lic. lawyer. As a matter of fact I've represented myself in a number of courts in USA and CAN and of course have never been challenged as all lawyers are quite familiar with Pro Se (or Pro Persona) person who's representing himself as is his right in USA and all CAN provinces. The advice given you to insert some language in your docs to the effect that the other party is advised to seek his own legal counsel is good advice but you'll find it's rarely followed as most everybody thinks (erroneously) that he's as good a lawyer as he could hire. In that legal notice and disclosure I always state that I'm representing myself only and in no way representing anybody else.
  2. Anybody on here and wanting good notes in NV? I've got a good looking mobile home (in a MHP, no land) note in Las Vegas, on doublewide, where high income buyers paid $25k plus in down pmt (about 50% down pmt), have good credit, note is seasoned now for several months with on-time payments. Note holder is seller of this MH and needs cash to go do it again. email me for details, but please don't waste my time if you're just another bird-dog and not a serious note buyer yourself. John M jmer@harbornet.com
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