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  1. I am also curious to know how the seminar went. Anyone care to share their experience?
  2. Congrats Bako on getting those deal under contract so fast! Kind of makes me feel a bit like a slacker. Care to share the numbers on those deals and the potential profit that you expect to make?
  3. I have been exchanging emails with a seller and here is what she wrote, "Do you specialize in lease options or lease purchases? Your previous emails seem to interchange the two terms as if they are the same, but the lease purchase obligates the buyer to buy the property at the end of the lease and the lease option does not obligate for them to buy at the end of the lease." I did a Google search and there are mixed answers, part of them say they are same others say that there is a difference. Which is correct?
  4. The Real Deal


    yup good ole ebay owns kijiji, what I find odd is they also have a minor stake in craigslist.
  5. Wow, I wish I could attend. I definately think three grand is worth it. Maybe if I can close my first deal or two I can make it.
  6. I have been contacting homeowners on various websites and online classifieds. After sending out the first email to the homeowner to get their interest I have been getting a lot of "not interested at this time". My question is, do you guys send out the second email to them anyway with a message stating "Just in case you change your mind hear is what I do"?
  7. I personally wouldn't waste the time and try and weed out the investor ads. The other day I was doing my daily emailings and some how emailed the president of my local investors association, he invited me to give a presentation to the other investors about lease options. I politely declined his offer and moved on! The only thing I do when emailing is make sure they are NOT realtors, property managment co, duplexes or apartments. I do this by scanning the ad real quick, and if I accidently email a realtor or anyone else I apoligize and move on.
  8. check this out http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages...1881780,00.html or http://www.naturalsearchblog.com/archives/...stika-building/
  9. You can do video chat in gmail or igoogle, and its free.
  10. I signed up on the Google Voice website. I didn't know a user could send an invite. Can someone send me an invite? Please message me if you can. PM me your email address and I will send you an invite.
  11. I have mine set up this way: If I don't answer my cell phone it fowards to GV then if the person leaves a message on GV, it transcribes the voicemail and send it to me as a text message. I am one of those people that hates sitting on the phone listening to each message "press 7 to delete, press 3 to rewind blah blah"! If I do actually need to listen to it, I just call my GV number or log in to GV online. Did you sign up through googles website or did you have a GV user send you an invite?
  12. You can set up google voice to either: 1) Have it show the number of the incoming party or 2) Show only the google voice number that the incoming party called hope this helps.
  13. Their doesn't seem to be very much activity on here, Is everybody off doing deals? If so how are your deals going, what types of deals are you doing most of, CA's/short sales/etc? How are you getting most of your deals, direct mail/email/cold calls? Are their any members on here that have not done any deals yet like me, if so how about we start a challenge for ourselves? Maybe post a personal goal that you want to achieve and how you are going to get that first deal? I will go first: I WILL get two properties under contract within 30 days. (maybe thats too much time?) To achieve this goal I will email 10-15 sellers a day. Any comments, questions, input? Please post!
  14. Sorry to bring up an old thead, couldn't resist lots of great information! I have a question regarding the market changes and the buyers having lots of inventory to choose from. Should I post a dummy ad in the newspaper to create a list of tenant buyers that I can have lined up, then find a seller? By the way christine are you still investing in real estate?
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