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  1. Hey! You guys remember me :xbiggrin: I have learned a lot from my failures and if I get it going again this experience will definately come in handy. I am dropping in from time to time doing some reading and learning. I will at least try to share my experiences with those in this forum even though they are negative. My biggest mistake was not learning all the details when it came to creative investing in Texas. Our market at the moment is great for Lease Purchase investing, but I didn't go about it correctly. I dove in sort of blind thinking I knew enough. I hit the bottom with my head, but it was all my fault. I had the right idea, but my planning was horrible. Thanks for remembering me guys! Hope to contribute more soon. Cruz
  2. Hey Michael and company!!! It's me Cruz. I am no longer confused about who I am...lol! I was thinking about you guys and decided to drop in to see what everyone was up to. I see it's business as usual and that's great to see. I had a string of sour deals that have discouraged me and haven't been able to get off my behind to try my luck again. I am just here to try and rejuvinate my investor juices. On top of it all, I lost my job at the end of November and almost had a horrible Christmas. If it wasn't for some money I had saved, plus my vacation, we would have had some very touch times. I still don't have a job, but unemployment is keeping me afloat for now. I have been thinking about getting my investing going again, but haven't been able to work up the nerves. Reading here is what got me started to begin with, so I figure if I start reading again maybe I can awaken the inner investor again. Well, enough of my sob story. It was great visiting again, you guys are definately in the right place. Cruz or Brandon? Cruz
  3. Hello Beautiful_gem! I will recommend that you hire Michael (owner and creator of this site). He will get to you soon I am sure and hopefully you guys can work something out. I believe all things are possible with the right motivation and drive not to mention a faith that can move mountains. By the way, welcome to the naked investor! Feel free to join and become a member and visit us often for some of the most helpful info on the net when it comes to Lease Purchase deals. Hold on and soon I am sure Michael will get with you about your request. Cruz or Brandon?
  4. Hello! I would not leave any of my blank contracts with anyone. You can try something like a summary contract that will give him all the highlights and if he is okay with the deal then you guys can move to sign a contract in which you both can go over together. Cruz or Brandon?
  5. Hey Andrew! I just got off the phone with this broker that I network with. This guy is the guy who told me about this property and he said that as far as he knows the property is still available. He is going to get back to me to confirm that. If you call me I will give you his number. This property comes with storage units which most of the tenants have full of their belongings and this brings in some of the revenue. Now to answer your questions: 1) Is there a property manager onsite? Yes! 2) Is it far from where you live? No! 3) Have you seen the property? Yes! newly remodeled, new roofs. 4) Do you know if the owner would carry 20% of the contract? Yes! I believe he is willing to finance it all if need be. 5) Is he open minded and creative? Yes! Sounds like a win/win/win opportunity Andrew! Call me and I will give you that number. Cruz or Brandon?
  6. Hello Andrew! I know anyone and everyone who has worked with you can attest to the fact of your honesty and attentiveness, including myself. We had a brief dealing, but it was a positive one. Thanks Andrew! Cruz or Brandon?
  7. Option8 has the idea! Great way to use your options! Thanks for the encouragement! I really need it because my time has not allowed me to do much work of my own and it really starts to slip when one don't stay in tune or in touch on a daily basis. Thanks! Cruz or Brandon?
  8. Yes, us clowns are still among you though the rodeo does demand our complete presence. And guess what guys? I can't even have a PC while playing the dogde game with the bulls . My job is really sapping all my time guys and my online activity has slowed way down, but I am still working on getting some deals done. I have met a lady who rocking and rolling in this area and she liked my enthusiasm from the moment we met. I also met a note buyer who is also a broker and at the present time all I am doing is making referral fees from these guys. It is all good experience and as soon as things get back to normal at work I will be able to get back to doing LP's with much more enthusiasm. Okay guys. Keep up the good work! Cruz or Brandon?
  9. Gary, Sounds like this guy you are dealing with is buying owner finance from the actual owner which will turn over the title when this guy pays off the house, correct? If so, then you must see what you can do about getting in touch with the actual owner. Dealing with the guy who is buying wouldn't be much good for you because he doesn't actually own the house. Go online and check your local appraisal district to find out who's name is on title and go from there. Cruz or Brandon?
  10. The radio interview never materialized because apparently they only do these interviews for non-profit org. I told them that I do offer my service free of charge. It didn't really seem to impress them. So, I am back to the mailings, newspaper ads, signs, and word of mouth. I have met a good Realtor and broker to work with and found out that the owner of the building I maintain is a successful real estate investor, mostly commercial, but is very open with his advice. Anyways, I just thought I would come by and let everyone know how I was doing. My current deal in the works is a huge chunk of land with 15 duplexes on it. The owner wants like $300,000 for it. His monthly income on this property is $11,000. I am currently looking for a buyer. I will let you guys know how it turns out and I will most likely need some advice before this deal is over, so stay tuned Cruz or Brandon?
  11. Thanks again guys! Tony! I don't see anything negative about your suggestions. It was all helpful. I am still going over my material and all I have learned here and adjusting my interview, so it does have room for improvement. What I posted here was just something I came up with real quick. I plan on refining it, plus I will talk it over with the DJ and see what she thinks. Thanks guys! Cruz or Brandon?
  12. Thanks guys! I understand completely what you guys are saying. I will keep it short and sweet highlighting all the main points. I can envision the DJ introducing me as a lease purchase specialist: DJ: We have Cruz in our studios this morning who specializes in lease purchase agreements. ME: Good morning everyone! DJ: So what exactly does a lease purchase specialist do? ME: I Buy houses using the lease purchase technique!, homowners who need a quick answer to a problem property, need to sell fast for whatever reason,(divorce,job move,loss of job,two payments) and can't afford or just would rather not pay commission to realtors, then they can call me. DJ: What other advantages do you offer? ME: By choosing to sell to me they almost always get a top of the market price, they don't have to pay any fees whatsoever including closing cost because I am not a realtor. DJ: Do you buy any and all houses? ME: Yes! All houses are evaluated free of charge in hopes of fitting them into our program and in the event that there comes a house we can't buy we will offer our specialized knowledge in hopes of educating the homeowner in the process of selling their house. DJ: How do people get a hold of you? ME: I can be reached by phoning me directly at: xxx-xxx-xxxx DJ: You heard it folks, if you have a house you want to sell, then call right now, that number is: xxx-xxx-xxxx ask for Cruz he can solve your real estate problems, again that number is: xxx-xxx-xxxx DJ: Is there anything else you want to add? ME: Yes! I just want to stress that there are no charges involved whatsoever and the sooner you call the sooner you will have an answer to your problem. Something along these lines is what I have envisioned, but I want to know what you guys would say if you were in my situation.
  13. I am doing trade! I am a contractor for the station, I do all their maintenance and repairs, deliveries, and whatever else they need. Cruz or Brandon?
  14. Thanks for the answers guys! I have some ideas already of course, but I had to let you guys know what I was doing in case someone had some advice that I hadn't thought of yet. I plan on targeting my sellers in the first half of the interview and my T/B's in the second half. I am going to stay away from statements that might make me sound like a broker or realtor. As I was going through my questions and answers I find myself making lots of changes. It is quite difficult to keep my interview free from the broker/realtor stuff. What I plan on doing is presenting myself as a lease purchase specialist or consultant. I will let the listeners know the advantages of selling to me via LP as well as the various programs I offer. Do you guys think I should mention the fact that I am not a broker or realtor? I am planning to make it known that I am not a broker/realtor, but a consultant, someone that will buy your house or show you how you can sell it yourself. To answer your question Michael: What I will be doing is sitting in the studio with the DJ for a couple minutes. I don't want it to last too long because I would hate to run out of material. I have thought of repeating a lot of the info, especially my number to make each interview longer. They gave me a choice of more radio spots or to do these interviews as my spots. I think the interview would work better because of the personal touch as well as my ability to answer some of the questions sellers have. I guess we will see how it turns out. I will let you guys know how infectious I really am or how boring I am Thanks again guys for your answers! Feel free to continue to give advice I can use it all. Cruz or Brandon?
  15. Congrats folks! By the way, B.O.S.S. backwards is Double S.O.B. Sorry! I couldn't resist! Have a happy life! Cruz or Brandon?
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