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  1. I am in New York and got a request for a L/O in West Jordan, Utah. If any of you are in the area email me and I will forward all the information. billvargas@meadownet.com
  2. Yes, she said she needed the cash out of the mobile home to make her down payment on the new house. Maybe I should just buy the mobile home and rent it out.
  3. My 1st caller just told me that she has purchased a single family home for $192,000 and is unable to sell her mobile home she owns free and clear with an appraised value of $35,000. She told me that she has been unable to sell the mobile home and that is why she called me. I told her I don't normally get involved with mobile homes put if she could get a mortgage on the mobile home and use that for her down payment on the new home , I may be able to help her with a lease option for the mobile home. What do you guys and gals suggest???
  4. I wish you all the very best in the new year. Mucho money and deals. Today I got my first phone call . It came from someone driving behain me and reading the sign on my rear window. I don't think she is a prospect for lease option, but I am happy that she called. I was sooo lonely!!
  5. Not a national paper, the local county Poughkeepsie Journal. It covers the complete county. I am getting 3 to 5 hits a day , but no responses or request for further information.
  6. I am mailing to CPA's because the service I am offering is to offer "Certiified Appraisal" of owner take back mortgage notes. Yes it was a list of Certified Public Accountants (CPA's) in a Comma Separated Value (CSV) format. Mark in St. Louis was correct.
  7. I just sent 62 Post Cards to my CPA list. I went to the USPS.COM website and uploaded the image I wanted to send and then uploaded the mailing list of the CPA's in CSV format. The U.S. Post Office will print the post card in 4 colors , then address and mail the post cards for me, all without leaving my office. The total cost for 62 cards was $48.98 which came out to be .79 cents each. Imagine no labeling or going to the printer, nice and clean. I tried to attach the image I put on the post card, it is a newsboy with the words "What's NEW?" I hope this information will be of service to you guys and gals.
  8. I clicked the name of MPine because I saw he was on the site same time as me and was surprised to see his photo. I had been thinking that it would be a good idea for us of have photos of ourselves and our work locations on the site. I am getting cabin fever working by myself. It might be of service to have some of form of formal "Have faith forum".
  9. Mr. Pinerton: I am giving the ad time to run the holidays, realizing that this is the worst time of year for real estate. I am getting hits on the website but so far no bites. The price for a Sunday larger ad would cost for one Sunday what it costs to run the classified ad all month.
  10. I came across the following letter which speaks to real estate agents of the value we can bring to them. I quite frankly don't understand it. Can you take a look and "Help Me Learn' about the concept this fellow is pursuing. Dear Real Estate Sales Pro: My name is Derrick Ali, I am a real state investor located in Jackson Michigan. And if you give me just a moment of your time, I’d like to offer you a no cost method for obtaining a new listing or two each month. Currently I am looking for an agent who knows and understands what I do. By working closely together we can obtain & close RE transactions much quicker than your competition currently is. I exclusively concentrate my investing on pre-foreclosure homes; although this is profitable I am looking to expand efforts to expired listings. I am certain you are ware of the problems Brokers/Agents face cold calling these expirees due to the limitations and laws enacted by the “DO-NOT-CALL List.” And THAT IS WERE I MAY BE ABLE TO ASSIST YOU THE MOST… in that I can do a the necessary research, follow-up and appointment setting, etc. all above board and without complicated RESPA, HUD, or FTC violations. I am in search of working with an agent who wants me as a client because I can show them exactly how they can profit from our relationship. I am a client that this will produce a significant income for the RE Agents I work with. To begin I would like to gain an hour or so of your time (Phone? Email? Meet Me?) in order to explain a little about how I acquire ownership interest in the properties you will have listed (via a Land Trust) and exactly why I’d like YOU to list them for the seller and me? I am proposing that in exchange for a weekly list of freshly expired listings, I may be able to obtain for YOU a steady flow of new listings n return. Again, this is all above board and with no RESPA, HUD, or FTC complications. Whenever I do get an appointment with someone whose listing recently expired, I present the owner with a 2-Pronged approach to re-market his or her house. I encourage them to re-list their home with another agent (YOU) to market it to "A" credit buyers (someone who can qualify for a loan) and at the same time let ME market it to "B-D” credit buyers with a Land Trust. This approach will reach many more potential buyers than when it was just listed. To top things off YOU get a new listing!!! Although I simply tell them that they can list it with any agent they choose, I don't care (but I really do) however, MY AGENT and I work together on these type of arrangements in order to help people sell their house more quickly (whether “A” Credit or Land Trust.) Also I tell them that if they list it with anyone else there is a good chance that agent wouldn't understand what I’m attempting to accomplish and there would not be any synergy. By having 2 people working together (My Agent and I) you’ll have a much more effective and faster way of selling your home than two working independently, blah, blah, blah.... If they are truly motivated to sell (and that’s the key!) this approach makes much more since that what anyone else is suggesting. I obtain a non-exclusive option to buy the home and YOU GET THE LISTING AGREEMENT at the same time. May the best person win! If this truly interests you, and you’d like to learn more about how to obtain a new listing or two every month simply by faxing or emailing me a list of fresh expirees, then please contact me right away to formally arrange our business relationship. REMEMBER: I make all of the cold calling, co-marketing appointments, etc., at ABSOLUTELY NO RISK TO YOU Nor Your BROKER. Once again I'd like to thank you for your valuable time. Professionally Yours, Sincerely
  11. Not that I have been getting any calls , but I like the idea of using a service like "VoiceNation" because I am not concerned with missing a call because I was not there to take it. I also set up an "Lease Option Information Line" where callers responding to my newspaper ad can learn about the program I am offering. Again let me be very clear, NO ONE has called after 2 weeks of newspaper ads.
  12. Once again this forum has come to my aid . I didn't know what meta tags were until "Pinkerton" made me aware that they promote your website on the internet. I gave "Pinkertons" instructions to my web designer and he his putting the meta tags on for me. Once again THANKS,
  13. Google doesn't know what a e-wizzes are?
  14. I contracted for one year, everyday of the week. It costs $179.00 per month.
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