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  1. It'll get better. The sooner all the shadow inventory is moved off the market the better.
  2. Be sure to check your state's laws.
  3. Well, I think we all occasionally come across clients who, for whatever reason, who we'd rather not work with. Maybe they're too demanding, too much of a drain on our time, etc. Refer these clients to an agent with whom you'd like to build some rapport. The combination of personalities may mesh better. If so, you'll have earned some good will by having sent business their way.
  4. Just curious, what type of response has John seen using this approach? It seems like something that would have to produce a pretty good response to recoup the investment.
  5. mwds120

    Direct mail

    So how did the post card campain turn out? I'm curious to know the response rate.
  6. mwds120

    Door hangers

    The suggestion about Zaarly.com is interesting. Although I wonder how well this would work in a smaller market. I didn't see many people advertising in my own city of Indy, which has a population around 1 million.
  7. I would say cold calling can work, although it works best when you are calling someone who has already been somewhat pre-qualified.
  8. This is very true, especially in the current market!
  9. I think the 6% seller concession you're thinking about is supposed to be a seller concession for 6% of the contract price.
  10. Maybe start working with some loan officers, or even consider getting in touch with some buyers agents.
  11. mwds120

    Mailout Numbers

    You won't know until you do some testing. I'd start with around 100 - 500. After you've sent around 1,000 you should have a fairly good idea of what response you can expect. Of course, the larger the sample size the better.
  12. For a bit of San Fran history, visit haight street. Also, consider checking out a Niners game.
  13. A suggestion: Get a mobile website, and put your website address in a 'take-one'. People can lose business cards.
  14. I have personally done a ton of cold-calling, and my thought is that is used to work better than it does now--not that it can't work. But I think things like the internet, SEO and social media can work just as well or better if done right.
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