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    Our company specializes in Lease Purchasing.
  1. Why no love for absentee owners? I agree that preforeclosures and lease options aren't a good fit because the loan must be brought current. Have you tried blanketing a particular zip code that you want to work? I haven't tried that MC, but I feel like that could be a waste of marketing $$ because if I don't target a specific group I'm going tot get a lot of people who are just no interested.
  2. I need some help putting together my first direct mail list, I am going to use listsource and create my own Yellow Letters. I'm a bit suck on who to market to though, I don't want to market to absentee owners because they won't be a good L/O candidates but preforclosures arent a great option either. Any suggestions?
  3. I would be interested in this also!
  4. Hello All, I have just launched a new website targeted at sellers. I specialize in lease purchase options. Please take a look at it and give me some constructive feedback, I'm looking for as detailed as possible, I want this to be an excellent site. I am going for a sleek professtional look that gives you enough information to feel informed but not so much you feel overwhelmed and don't want to pick up a phone. Www.tristateleaseoption.com Thank You!
  5. Hello Fellow Investors, I would love to get some feedback on the website I just launched! Www.dramorrproperties.com. Let me know if there are things you would change to make it better, errors or issues you see, etc. Thank you, Justin
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