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  1. awesome just making sure! dont want to cause myself any grief.. thanks guys
  2. So im going on one of these all out marketing campaigns everyone keeps talking about to get sellers, what im wondering is if i market myself as a business do i have to have an LLC to do so?
  3. haha alright makes sense cut to the chase and get your point across if there's no deal gotta move onto the next one. thanks a lot for all the thoughts and comments guys!!
  4. The sellers are getting my # from signs and emails mostly.. I agree guess i need to just find a way to shorten up what i tell them but still get the selling points across that should get em interested in doing what we do. Do you have an opening line that you start off with when you return calls?
  5. The majority of my calls that ive been getting have been from my emails my signs dont seem to be working too well lately..
  6. I agree and thats where i feel like im getting lost.. should i have a line that i start off with? how do you go about returning a phone call and asking for info as well as pop the question of a Lease to own scenario to the seller? i feel that as soon as i say the word "lease" i lose interest instantly for those that think they know about what i do..
  7. Pilot- yes i am talking about the sellers calling. My thoughts on calling EVERYONE back is that i spoke to multiple ppl yesterday that all talked my ear off and after explaining to them what i do i was about 30 mins into each call and i ended up not getting a single lead from any of them.. so my thoughts are if i give them an idea of what i do in my voicemail then im hoping there voice message will give me some more inside to let me no if these sellers are motivated or would consider lease to owning there house with me BEFORE i return there calls and have them all tell me no that there not interested..
  8. Hey Guys i finally setup my google voice # im looking to put together a well worded voice mail to try and "weed out" the ppl im going to want to call back. what i have in mind in something like.. "Hello we buy and sell houses of all kinds. Leave us a brief description of your place and what you are looking to do with it, your name and # and we will return your call asap. Thank you and have a nice day." how does this sound? thinkin/hopin they let me no what they want to do with there place so i can have an idea whether it would be worth calling them back cause there seriously interested or if there just gonna talk my ear off for a half hour haha
  9. Aha, My deal is good enough hes willing to pay me for it.... And what do i call that? Consideration money? Option money? Now, I do have the N.E investor book/contracts. And other then the Pure Option contract what else do i need signed?
  10. So as a pure option say i get him to $60k. I would then sell it for $65k minus my 5k he gets his 60? When i market it do i say for sale $65k or 60k thats where i get lost. Needing help with this part of it. How do i word it to buyers?
  11. Ok. Met him and all is good as hes an older guy who doesnt know much, and doesnt act like he does. His value was for a similiar down the road 2 year ago. HA. My comp is the one accross the street thats 200 sq ft bigger and sold for $76,000 on 7/12. The house is a 2006 but needs some work. He is open and looking to hear from me today for an offer. I am thinking vacant house, motivated seller (he called me), newer home, 15 miles from me and i have a buyers list as iv done work in the area. But only for lease options and wanting to add pure options to my bag of tricks. Obviously, his out of whack with his #s. My numbers are saying i got to get him in the 60s to make a pure option. ??
  12. I asked him and he wants to meet with me to show me the house hes not far so im willing as im learning. We will talk price and such then. Its a rural area so comps are scattered but for all due purposes my numbers show up on most of the recent sold. Yah hes far out so not a deal at all yet. And so with the pure option i add my fee to the price to my buyer? $ 160,000 would be $ 165,000 for my option fee?
  13. Ok. Asking $160,000 comparibles say $ 75,000. hes way off as they all are. In a perfect world how would this play out, for me to get paid out? And what exactly do i need signed? If i can get him to drop price... Wanting to do a pure option. Thanks
  14. On a pure option does my end buyer have to have cash or can they still get a loan?? how would i draw it up to still turn a quick profit?
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