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  1. So I am moving out of state in a few weeks and I am in a bit of a situation. Should I market in my current area or start to focus on the new area am moving to....I am moving from the west coast to the east coast. I do a lot of calls to FSBO and FRBO so if I get something in my current area, I wont be around anymore. If I get something in my new area, I wont be there for another 3 weeks or so....what should I do?
  2. I am making calls....never used Bandit signs before
  3. wow.....great stuff Chris_MA. That def pointed me in the right direction
  4. Great Post Guys. My problem is I do not know what to say or email initially. Can someone give me some tips?
  5. Thanks Mike. I am glad I read your post. To be honest I was serously considering giving up on L/O options and real estate all together. I had a guy that was interested but kept asking me about my company website ( dont have one) and other deals that I have done ( havent done any). I kinda got scared and basically gave up...I figured everyone would ask those kinda questions. I even called my realtor friend\fellow inestor and told him I was going to quit. I have just come to realize that I have not put in as much effort as I could so I think I am goign to keep going!
  6. So a guy just emailed me and said he was interested in lease Options. I hope I dont screw this up!!
  7. Well I emailed about 50 ( thats all I could find online for the area). Some just said they would sell it themselves. Others said they were not interested in L/Os. Some requested more info and when I sent it, they either stop responding back or say no. I also had a few who asked for my website for more info...since I dont have one that killed the deal right there
  8. Man this sucks. I have had about 10 sellers respond back from my email campaign and they all said no. No wants to do a deal here. I am running out of ideas here..
  9. Of 2013....yay Me !!!!!
  10. well I got my first call today. i wasnt around so they left a voicemail. I hope this goes well. Also i had a guy email me and he basically said that he would only consider L/O if he didnt have to handle repairs. i think he may be up to it. ill keep you posted
  11. Do sites like owners.com block messages? I went to website and found houses for the area, I clicked on the e-mail seller button and asked if there were interested in L/O. I did this for like 20 houses but no one has responses back. I dont think they are getting through...
  12. for those of you have handwritten your letters or postcards how hard was and what was the response rate? did you just get a blank template, write your message, and mail?
  13. so the realtor emailed me expired listings and there were 32 houses from Oct-Dec. I was expecting more but i guess this area is smaller than i thought. I think everyone is going through a Realtor here. I might try MLS next after i finish with the expired.
  14. I am still targeting those but there are not a lot of people posting those online from the area. The houses for sale seem to be by investors and everything for rent is apartments..I am not worried though. I am just going to shift to direct mail and door hangers. I have an agent friend that has agreed to send me expred listings Does anyone here hand write there letters?
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