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  1. Yep... Still very amazing! Of the 200+ emails I sent out last-night/this morning, I've had over 150 replys!! Some of them are quite funny, I had two people reply by cussing me out which was hilarious, but some of them, the people tell you their entire life story, why their selling, where their moving, their health problems, I even had a lady tell me she's moving because of the FIRE ANTS! OMG REALLY?! HAHA.. Again, this is AWESOME! Thanks for the tip! Now if only I can find a way to make all these calls back........ and not sound like a girl locked in a basement in the phillipiens...
  2. Hi guys! Thanks for the input! It's exactly what I needed! I believe I'm going to stick with CA's for the moment as Im not looking to be a landlord right away.. Maybe after I get some deals under my belt, and build up some cash reserves. Thanks for the help!
  3. WOW! I used a scraper to scrap all of the email addresses from my area and JUST blasted out the message, and already have 5 responses back... Not bad for wednesday at midnight.. I imagine I'll be getting WAY more leads than I can handle Thanks for the tip!!
  4. Hi all, New here.. Just had some questions about getting my first l/o deal under my belt... I believe I have most the pieces..but how do I actually get paid? Say I have all contracts signed with buyer and seller, do I have to call a title company? attorney? Whats the actual process for closing on the deal? Does the buyer pay me the downpayment directly or does it go into some kind of escrow? If it goes to escrow, when do I actually get my check? I'm a little fuzzy on this part. I've started marketing for both buyers and sellers about a week ago, and providing the numbers work out should have something signed soon. I just wanted to be prepared to move on it and know what the next steps are. And can someone please explaine/tell me what rent credits are all about? I keep reading the term, just not sure how they're involved. Any help would be greatly appreaciated! Thanks in advance!
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