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  1. Hello folks! I just noticed that you had replied to my posting! For whatever reason, I Never got any Notification about somebody replying to this post! Wow! I'm sorry if I messed-up and didn't do it right when I posted here and that's why I don't get notifications.. OK, I would like to let you know that Yes, I offer Residential NOO Loans and Commercial Funding as well, Nationwide and even Internationally. My website is: http://bigdealsconsulting.net/ Hey! I just noticed that I didn't have the Option to the right that says "Follow this Topic"!! OK, I just did! I wish I had paid more attention the first time... Feel free to comment or contact me directly if my services might be something that you can use.. Thank you! To your service; Big Deals Consulting,LLC German Chavez-President San Diego, CA. Phone: (619)255-8453Mobile: (619)818-8349http://bigdealsconsulting.net/http://www.hardmoneywebsite.com/bigdealsProjectFunding2012@Cox.netConference Line: (712)432-8773 ID: 555123#Skype ID: BigDeals07Residential Rehab Partner Program.pdf
  2. Hello folks! I just signed up today and would like to let all the Investors here about some of the Financial Services that I have to offer. I hope that this site is better than CREPIG as for positive feedback and activity goes... My name is German Chavez. Company name: Big Deals Consulting LLC Location: San Diego, CA. One of the most popular services that I'm currently working with is the Investor's Loans, up to 100% LTV Plus Rehab Cost. Loan amounts: From $100K to $10M Non-Credit Driven. I actually combined 2 of my lending sources, to have a "One Stop Shop" for the Real Estate Investor. I work with any of the following: Seasoned InvestorsNew InvestorsBuy-and-Hold InvestorsBuy-and Flip InvestorFor seasoned Investors that just need the 100% loan, there are several loan structuring options to fit your needs. For the New Investor, I just need to understand what you're trying to accomplish (Buy & Flip or Buy & Hold) to get you the best loan possible. If you are a "Flipper', I offer 100% Plus Closing Cost, just as long as you have a Buyer ready to buy the property from you. Even if your End-Buyer is not qualified by a Lender yet, I can Qualify him/her for you and get him/her a $100% LTV Loan to purchase the Property from You! All this of course is possible as long as the deal itself makes financial sense. I have several happy clients that I have helped get their deals funded that you can talk to. The only requirement for me to work with people is that they must know what they are doing and won't waste my time. This is why I charge a $2,500 Retainer Fee to go to work on a file. This Fee will be credited to the total commission due at closing. If this Fee will be a problem, please do not inquire. Like I said, I have many happy clients that can vouch for my services, that you might want to talk to first. They'll tell you the kind of service they got from me and if I performed or not. I prefer to work on the Commercial Real Estate side, but of course, will work on Residential as well. If you think you can use my services, or want to talk to me personally and get to know me more, feel free to contact me Directly at projectfunding2012@cox.net or call me at (619)255-8453. I also offer Worldwide Project Funding from $5M to $1B, just in case that you might need this service also. I'm Direct to all my funding sources. No Daisy Chains with me! Thank you very much! German Chavez Big Deals Consulting, LLC Skype: BigDeals07
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