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  1. For posting multiple craigslist ads, whats working these days? I hear conflicting things about craigslist. They are a major source of leads though, even these days with their crappy looking site. If I were to make a goal of posting 100 ads a month on craigslist. I see there is a feature to repost that keeps your ad on there for a extra 2 weeks and bumps it to the top once, that's cool. My ultimate goal is to post a lot of ads to get inbound calls to my phone and traffic to Opt Ins. Buyers and sellers... -Postlets is still king? -Are clickable links working for folks these days? -What sections are the best to target? -Whats getting people ghosted? Should we put out only X amount of ads a day per IP addy? -What Ad types are working(Lease option, Renters: You can own too!, Sellers we can..., Underwater?We can help, 10 ways to buy undermarket, 10 ways to get improve your homes value) If someone could fill me in on the formula of how to not get kicked by CL and how many ads to do how often per IP I can take it from there. I wanna get some templates made now, outsource it and automate it. I figure I got several different IPs(house, friends, library), a VA is cheap, VPS's are cheap. Are there decent places out there where you can pay per ad posted? Im trying to brainstorm now so when I got my license I can mow over the competition(hopefully). Im researching. So when I find decent info I will post it in this thread in a effort to help you guys too. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I cant drop much knowledge on the subject since I only follow CL posting methods a little. But for those who don't know, you can filter out bad ads from your searches there by putting negative search terms in the search bar. Maybe this can help someone. -realtor, -brokerage, -dre Thank you. -Kyle
  2. Yeh, gotta track down Jonathan, Ive already picked up some nuggets of info from his posts. Got his phone number now, thanks. Makes sense getting money for tenant placement, then if they exercise their right to buy you can make money on the back end.
  3. Ill soon have my real estate license and I have a couple questions. Im familiar with the process as acting as an "investor", but not an agent representing the seller. I realize I would need to disclose I am an agent. Most brokers will want a commission split from lease option assignments. I see that if I go the assignment of contract route I am acting as principle, but I would like to run them as a listing and have them on the MLS. If I were to sell peoples residences on lease options I would get a "exclusive right to sell agreement" signed, correct. Once I have that signed I put it on the MLS as an listing or lease option? Is there a different agreement between the seller and agency? Or just the lease and option agreement between the seller/buyer? How do I get paid for finding the buyer since I thought agents get paid when escrow closes(Which would be 12-18 months, if the buyer exercises their right to buy)? Can anyone who does these as a licensed agent chime in? Thank you!!!!
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