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  1. Thanks Michael C for the warm welcome,I love your answer I thought it was terrific I guess I have been away too long.This is still a good place to learn and I'm always learning.Thanks and have a great day!!
  2. Hi, all. 1st post in very long time. Question: when doing a non-exclusive option where you're allowing the seller to keep his sign up to sell, how can you negotiate a puchase price with the seller to make a profit? Hypothetical: $175,000 his sale price, how can you negotiate less so you make a profit? What am I missing? Thanks, and have a great day!!
  3. Andrew were are you located and tell us more about what you do.
  4. Good afternoon. Haven't been on for sometime. Hope everyone is doing well. I'llget to the point: I'm looking for a funding partner in and around the Bradenton/Sarasota area of Florida. I'm willing to do equity splits on SFH's for risk involved on funding partner. Right now I need $0.00 out of pocket on at least 1st 4 acquisitions. I would make offers, market, sell, or l/o for cash flow. Funding partner and I would go over offers to see if we can move forward. If interested please contact me so we can meet and discuss further. Thank you and have a great weekend!
  5. Thanks Michael C, Haven't talked to you for quite sometime. How would I go about asking the seller to add me to his home owners policy? Is this a rider on his policy or what? Do you have any experiences with this issue that you might like to share? Also, how do you pop this request if you are getting good terms? Thanks Michael and have a great wk/nd!!!
  6. Afternoon Everyone, It's been awhile. Hope everyone is doing great. My question on a lease option, (sandwhich or otherwise): Does anybody get insurance on your l/o investment for the term of the lease? Ten/Buyer is advised to purchase renter insurance, but what exactly protects the investor? Thank you, and have a great weekend!
  7. Suncoast of Florida:2br/2ba Condo pets ok great location close to beaches,shopping,dinning,min to I-75 and St.Petesburgh,Sarasota.Condo appraised at $261,000 1yr L/O $1,500pr/mon rent credit $200.00 toward purchase price.Option of $7,140.00 with 1st and last of $3,000 If option is excercised all money will be cedited to puchase price.Condo lease option is $238,000(ground floor condo).Condo can be puchased now for $233,000.
  8. Joseph44


    Hi Everyone , I have a question do I have to get the signed deed when doing a l/o on any propertys to be kept in escrow?Thanks and have a great wk!!
  9. Hi Everyone, Just to update everybody:I faxed contract to seller on 5/27 he emails me he has a potential buyer?????He said they close on their home 6/28 he said if deal falls through he would contact me and run with the l/o offer I submitted to him.We shall see!!!!Thanks for all the help and all have a great day!!!
  10. Hi M.C. Thanks M C for the jolt sorry this took soooo long Thanks again.
  11. Joseph44


    Hi Everyone, I have a prospect for a l/o. He just e-mailed me and asked what am I willing to risk for the performance of this contract? I'm assuming he is referring to how much money I'm putting in. Did anyone ever have this question asked of them? If anyone has how did you respond to your client? Thanks all in advance, and have a great day!!
  12. Hi Everyone , I think I just had a senior momment could someone please explain a cooperative assignment with a seller?This seller doesn't want a lease/option.But when I offered a c/a to her I just went blank.Please I need a jolt.Thanks all and have a good wk/nd!!
  13. Hi,H/M/L and wellcome, No I plan on doing this if accepted.I sent contract to him Sunday nite.Question never was asked before about utilities.Thanks for the reply and answer.Have a great wk!!
  14. Michael C & RobP, There is a shot circut here:I have 120-4months to locate a ten/buyer.I have a 3yr/option with 3-12month automatic extensions. the buyer does not have to purchase in 4 months.I'll market 2 ways $355,900 all cash or $368,300 on a l/o.Thanks I hope we are on the same page now,I will fax this agreement tonight.The only change I will make in the contract is lessor agrees to pay all utilities and monthly rent for 3-6 months while ten/buyer is located.Thanks again and for the great responce I really appreciate the help.I'll let you know if it flies.Have a great wk!!
  15. Hi Michael, Michael would you please explain your reasonning for not doing this deal?If I can't get a ten/buyer in a 120 days 4-months he gets the home back,but thats not what I want.I have till Sunday evening to send this paper work to him.If you can give me an alternitive to my above please don't hesitate.Thanks Michael have a great wk/nd!!
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