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  1. Hi Mike,I have a VA running the cubix solutions on a daily basis. Once he pulls the data and exports to Google docs he runs the duplicate formula against the phone numbers. We only contact new numbers and every 90 days remove the old numbers to allow for contacting them once they have had time to cook. I have an android phone plugged into the wall at the house. My VA uses mighty text pro to text a simply message such as hi this is don, you wouldn't consider selling your home after I rent it for 12-24 months would you?..if the deal is sweet enough I will stay in the middle, if not I'll assign it. When we get a response from them saying maybe or yes the VA puts it into Podio as a new lead and I call them currently. I have stopped emailing leads on Craigslist due to poor response rate. Other than craigslist I am doing direct mail and I have a way to pull numbers off Trulia and zillow fsbo. it should be noted when I first talk with the sellers I let them know I am an investor and the deal has to make sense for both of us.
  2. HI Jamie, I simply let time pass me by and continued to make excuses why now was not a good time. It's funny back then I had time, but hardly any money, now I got money, but hardly any time. Let me say this up front about the automation of Podio and Globiflow, you can spend endless hour messing with it. At the end of the day if you are just starting and want a low budget way of keeping track of leads, Google docs is great. The feature of highlighting duplicates is what I use on a daily basis to keep track of leads I have contacted by phone, text, or email before they turn into a legitimate lead tracked in Podio. Don
  3. Just thought I would throw out a list that seems to be doing well for me. In my market and most mid-west markets, people that purchased a home in 2005-2007 paid on the very top of the market. I have access to RealQuest Professional and can pull list much like ListSource. By putting in filters such as purchase date from 2005-2007, Single Family, FHA or VA mortgage, I get a list of homeowners that put very little down and bought at the top end of the market. These types of sellers either don't think they can sell their home or if they are relocated turn into landlords and not by choice all the time. If you can get them to agree to 3-5 year RTO's and the numbers make sense it's been a good lead source. If you don't have access to RealQuest or don't want to shell out the coin for ListSource look the county website. I am able to pull by a lot of free data from the Wisconsin county websites....California not so much, most of them require you to pay. Don
  4. @lomax_properties I too have started working on doing deals in virtual markets due to most homeowners in SoCal being pie in the sky with their pricing.I just completed a deal in Wisconsin last week where the homeowner showed the property and I took the calls and e-mails from potential TB's. That being said I have system set up with each home having it's own phone number and it automatically is tracked in my database. This allows me to see how many calls I am getting on a home and within a few weeks if I need to go back an re-negotiate rent or purchase price with the owner. I simply tell them up front I'm an investor and if there is 3-400 a month difference in rent I will rent it, if not I shift to a CA deal. I have a mortgage broker that checks debt to income and likelyhood of being financed in a year or two, a company that does full tenant background checks, and a credit repair company that will work with the TB if needed to improve chances of being financed. These checks and balances are done up front before the TB ever takes possession of the home and seller then sees the value I am adding....Hey if you want to go out and find all those people and do it yourself, I can help you doing that too for half to full months rent. Don
  5. Thanks MC, there is no doubt I took the world tour before coming back to it and taking action. Once I had the systems in place to take in the leads while I was working a full time job (10 hour days), full time grad student in my MBA, and having some time with the family ...it helped to not feel overwhelmed with all the moving parts. Don't get me wrong, I still have days that i blink and can't believe it's on to the next. Look forward to seeing what everyone else is doing and different ideas they are implementing. Don
  6. Well it only took me 12 years to circle back to real estate and finally do a deal! I ordered MC's course sometime back in 05' time frame, read it, and tried for all of a few weeks sort of...and now i'm back I am retired from the Marines with a background in contracts, as well as my check in the box 4 year degree in program acquisition. I filed the paperwork for my LLC a couple months back and so it began. I'm originally from Wisconsin and due to living there for 22 years, I chose two counties to market to (waukesha & dane). I currently live out in SoCal and do marketing in Orange & Riversideed county as well. Due to my background in the military, i'm a systems guy. I'm all about automation and using technology to cut down on repetitive task. I currently do a large amount of craigslist marketing (cubix solutions) and direct mailing. I track all my leads using Podio linked with Globiflow, zapier, vumber, and mighty text. Last week I collected the first CA check from my WI market on a 5bd, 3.5ba house for $5,145. I used Docusign to get the short offer signed between the seller and I initially. To save time and ensure the documents were legally up to snuff I used and escrow company/real estate lawyer to complete the documents. This was all done through Docusign as well. There is nothing better than waking up and seeing an electronic transfer into the business account and not to mention I'm in California and the home is in Wisconsin. Got a few under contract marketing them and got a few offers out waiting on sellers to sign. I look forward to learning from the forum and contributing where I can. Don
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