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  1. So Im trying to get my head around this. Lets say I have a LO deal I want to assign. (a cooperative assignment LO) The Seller only wants 1 month rent as a security deposit. The TB has 10k as option consideration. Wouldnt the seller bark at seeing a 10k option consideration that they get no piece of?? Is there a way not to show the 10k option consideration to the seller? I know its best to disclose fully but I just see that being a problem. How do you guys deal with this? Thanks
  2. So I have a guy who sounded like he was on board. Said to call him this week to get paperwork signed. I call and he says that he'd like to have his lawyer review the paperwork and asked if I could email it to him. How would you guys approach this? 1) say sure and send it over? 2) ask him for a time to review it with him and his lawyer? 3) something else? I was just going to send it over but I just know alot of times a lawyer is a deal killer.
  3. So Im new to Wholesaling Lease Options but I am getting good responses to my marketing. Getting lots of sellers that say they'd be open to doing a lease option and want to hear more details. My dilema......I suck on the phone. So anyone want to JV and handle the phone part of telling the sellers about lease options? we can split the deals 50/50. I have several sellers that want to know more right now. If interested message me or email me at gallardoman@gmail.com
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