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  1. Yep, makes a lot of sense. Thanks! When is your new e-book going to be available by the way?
  2. Thanks for responding Michael. Sure, I understand that. But what if I'm in Canada and trying to do this in the US for example? Who would be the best person to hire to be your "boots on the ground" when doing this remotely? Agents, especially Leasing Agents seem to be the best option as opposed to just hiring anyone else since they already know how to handle the whole process of getting a property filled with a tenant and thus requires less hand holding, they have a license which basically covers me regarding the whole brokering without a license issue, and if they try to cheat me in any way, they could lose their license. The downside as you mentioned, is that I'll probably have to deal with a lot of negative energy until I find that one agent who understands Lease Option Assignments, and who is willing to work with me. So when doing this remotely, who do you prefer to hire or partner up with to help you with all the legwork? Thanks again!
  3. Hey Michael and the gang! How are you all doing? First time I'm posting here. Maybe you guys can help. I'm a bit confused. I heard a real estate trainer say that when working with a listing or leasing agent to help you find a tenant/buyer (for a home that you have under a NON-exclusive lease option agreement with the seller), you have to sign an EXCLUSIVE agreement with the agent. I really don't understand that. I mean doesn't that put me, the investor, in a very risky position? Example, what if the seller finds a buyer first? That would cancel the non-exclusive agreement I have with them, but I would still be on the hook with the agent right? since I have an exclusive agreement with them. Would I owe the agent money at that point? Or is this simply a matter of entering into a non-exclusive agreement with the agent? Lastly, is an agreement even needed with the agent? I don't need them to list the property. I just need them to put some signs up and some ads online, show the homes and handle the paperwork. Anyways, any clarification on this would be greatly appreciated.
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