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  1. Hey no problem. I appreciate you taking the time. My contract shows no option expiration.
  2. Needing any advice I can get. I got into my house on a lease-option to buy deal 6 yrs ago. Option price was originally $69.9k, which was 'zillow' value at the time. Ive paid the option price down to $60k. Today it 'zillows' at $96.6k. I've talked with the owner and he's got no prob with me marketing the house, says all he wants is his option balance. He says if I find a qualified buyer he'd be happy to talk with them to help explain the situation. I'm trying to sell myself, no agents. I figure I'd be happy to sell the place at $75k (minimum) as is. Seems like a bargain and I still might be able to make a buck. I haven't gotten details from the current home owner concerning how all of this would go. As I understand it this would be a 'double close.' So I guess my question in a nut shell is, how do I get paid? I'd like to educate myself as much as possible before going much further into this. If I find a qualified buyer financed by a bank, is the fact that this would be an unusual 'double close ' going to scare the bank away? ANY ADVICE GREATLY APPRECIATED.
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