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  1. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any property management forms they could send my way. I have been thinking of doing property management until a lease is signed for landlords. I'm in need of some good forms. -steve www.thegreatbigopportunity.com free real estate tools.
  2. steve55121

    Bandit Signs

    Hello, I have been in trouble with the sign police myself. The best way I have in placing these signs is to develop a nice route where you want to purchase properties. You need to place these signs friday night and have them picked up by monday morning. I have noticed in my area that apartment buildings use bandit signs all of the time. They never have the issues with code enforcement that I do. Then I realized when their signs go up (friday night) and then they are gone (monday morning). Place your signs when code enforcement is not in the office you will not have problems. -Steve http://www.thegreatbigopportunity.com free Real Estate Tools
  3. Hello, I like to put my houses on the MLS when I have enough equity to do so. I would recomend finding a good broker to work with. I have been able to establish a relationship where I only pay 2.49% buyers side commission when a sale comes off the MLS. Dealing with a broker is better then a realtor. A realtor will need to run their deals through a broker who is going to take a % of the transaction. When dealing directly with a broker you eliminate a person in the chain. I toss my broker a few bucks at the end to keep him motivated. It's always nice to look at the competition as well to see the price / condition you are going to be competing with. I use this same broker if I do buy something on the MLS myself. Therefore the broker does make money from me in the long run. -Steve http://www.thegreatbigopportunity.com free real estate tools website
  4. That sounds like a good domain name. One thing to keep in mind that I did not do initially is make sure you can easily say your domain name on the telephone. By doing this when working with other investors / buyers / sellers / renters on the telephone you can easily give them your e-mail adress or they can remember. I discovered the last few years that steve@equity-associates.com is very difficult to relay on the telephone. Most of the time I have them just e-mail me on my yahoo.com account instead. If my domain was ibuyhouses.com it would be easy to tell someone to just e-mail that form to me at steve@ibuyhouses.com. just my 2 cents. -Steve www.thegreatbigopportunity.com
  5. The whole mailing piece is a advertisement trying to get them to visit my website or call my quick offer hotline.
  6. I'm starting to kick off a new mail compaign and wanted to try something new. I was thinking to myself what would make almost all of my letters to be opened? I deciced to use the well known trick that mortgage companies have been using for years. I have decided to make a mailing on actual check stock. When this is received it looks exactly like a business check with the persons name on the "pay to the order of" field. I was sneaky and made this appear through the window. I have attached a copy of one of my pieces to this message 1 versacheck stock from officemax (one check on top) 2 microsoft word (mail merge with my mailing list I purchased. This looks pretty damn good I'm impressed with the appearance of this piece. I'm going to be sending out around 1,000 to start. I will keep you updated on my results.
  7. You can buy anything with all cash. This does not mean you have to use your cash. Basically it just means the seller is going to receive payment without having to carry back a second mortgage, If you pick these up at a big enough discount you can assign your contract to make some immediate profit. -Steve
  8. You need to know your state laws when it comes to prepayment penalities. Most lenders will have a hard and soft prepayment penalities. They can not stop you from selling your house so most of the time there is no penality for selling your house. The lenders main objective is to keep the financing in place without you doing a refinance. I would check your state, here in MN you can only charge a maximum of 3 months interest on a prepayment penality. hth steve
  9. I have been banned on craigslist before for 24 hours too. I find it strange that it seems to happen in certain areas and not in others. After about 15 messages in Jacksonville I get banned but in Minneapolis I can post all day long. -Steve
  10. Hello, I was wondering if you would mind sharing a copy of the letter you have been sending out? -Steve
  11. MC. Your advice is always God send, thank you. I am sitting here wondering now why didn't I think of that? We are using a service, I got caught when some other business person called my number and explain to me that the city was making him pay a ticket because the phone number lead to him but he called the number and it lead to me so after we talked he gave the city the number, by this time I said well it's not this guy's problem and he shouldn't be made to pay for my doings. So when the city called me I talked my way down to only a $120 ticket for two signs when there were really about 65 signs not to mention all the flyers post around. But man this idea of a pre-paid phone I think that is a genius idea. I am paying about $10 bucks a month for the service, so if the phone seems to be cheaper then i might have to go with your idea anyhow it's a great idea. Thank you again. And as far as the proerties you are right, I have made my sellers know about the market and what I am now wating for is to hear which way they want to go and move on let them fight the market. I have been called several times by code enforcement. What I have been doing is the same as other people are doing including investors, builders, apartment buildings. That is to put up the signs when code enforcement is not in the office. I place my signs on friday and then pick them up on sunday. No more calls from the city for me. -Steve
  12. well actually I believe you were talking about me. That looks like a business card but its supposed to be a billboard. I found the pic online and super imposed my telephone number on it. -Steve
  13. I have wondered about this myself. I would not use a 1800 or 1888 # unless you have a vanity number that's easy to remember. You have to remember that most of your sign readers will be driving by your signs at quite a few mph's. I prefer to use a local voicemail number. This does not make me look like a large investor. -Steve
  14. I was at target and I noticed they have a chrome license plate that allows you to put your own letters on the frame to make up a message. I have been thinking about picking one up. "I BUY HOUSES XXX-XXX-XXXX"
  15. steve55121

    Business Cards

    I have a trick when it comes to vista print. You can search online for vista print coupons and then make your sale through one of their discounted links. I would get a card for sure. Everyone always asks for one. -Steve
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