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  1. Hi guy's just want to know if there are any investor on the board that are from MI. I'm looking to buy more property in the Flint area and Detroit area. thanks pat
  2. Thanks Mike & Tony for replies. Mike are those the lenders at the bottom of the page? I just wanted to make sure. I will try the web pages. thanks pat
  3. Hi all This is such a great board. Anyway could someone let me know what I need to do to flip a property to another investor. What kind of contract do I need to tie up the property from the seller. Then what do I need to do to get it over to the buyer for my profit. Another question what if the deal is not cash up front with the investor? And what if he needs to get a mortgage? How would I get my money then. Any feed back from u guy's would be great. thanks pat
  4. Mike, I did get your post. I sent u back a email. You know being a newbie I have to figure this page out. But to answer your question I'm from Detroit Mi. Sorry to say home of the worst football team ever. Hope that u guy's can give me some feed back Thanks pat
  5. Hi everyone I'm new to the board. I just wanted to know if you guy's know of some really good hard money guy's to use. Any feed back on this will be great. Patrick ps great board
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