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  1. Hi Jason! I was rather disappointed that I can't do this trick unless we move oversees. I am basically blind in my left eye so obviously if I close my right........ not to say I didn't try though. Swerved a bit, then started laughing - my fiance looked at me like I was crazed. Ah well ....... if we ever go to europe....... You ever read George Carlins stuff? Heres some hitchhiking fun: If you are hitchhiking, when the guy stops, don't say anything; just jump in and sit down. When he says "Where are you going?" say, "I don't give a shit. Lets just ride around. I'm off till Thursday." Then make a lot of motor noises with your mouth. Later!
  2. Congrats Naomi! I showed a rental house to a lady with a little girl the other day and I think it throws me off guard, kinda like puppies. I need to keep those maternal insticts in check a little more Anyway I have a couple name ideas: Carrie, Kari, Kerry etc (my name!) Andrea (Andi) Sadie Lynn Can't wait to see what you pick! Carrie
  3. Hey, I am interested! How much will shipping and handling be and how can I go about buying these? Thank You, Carrie carrierial@yahoo.com
  4. Good Morning Naked Investors, Just wondering what you guys think about the new reality series with the Trumpster. I like it and I think it will actually teach us somethign about business. Main point from last nights show - Sex sells. The women beat the men by a landslide because of it. The men, if they would have thought a little, could have used this too. They could have went to a gay area or something. LOL. Also the women actually went to a busy location, while the men went near a fish market. Okay? What were they thinkiing? Any comments on the show? Carrie NW PA Oh yeah Trump was on Regis and Kelly this morning and said - Real Estate is vicious, its dishonest, and I am surrounded by scum, absolute garbage. Nice huh? I didn't appreciate that, I think providing housing to the world is a wonderful thing. Ah well, I guess that is why I don't want that kind of big business, I am not a cold blooded shark. I do tell my tenants how it is though so i am not a marshmellow either. Well have a great day!
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