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  1. Again, thanks for your thorough answers to my question. I will definitely keep in mind all of these points. Thanks, Summer
  2. You may want to do a search of the forums, because I believe a few months back there was quite an extensive list posted of FSBO sites. My experience with all of them is that they don't get updated frequently. I did e-mail marketing to many and never received any response. I did direct mail letters to many with nothing that materialized. Most of the time, the home had been sold months/years earlier. It could just be the state I live in though. Do your own investigation of the sites. Others here have had good results. Summer
  3. I used www.bizfilings.com and everything went smoothly, all papers filed properly, fair price. Good luck! Summer
  4. Dave T, Thanks for the clarification on this. Summer
  5. Hi C or B My experience with radio advertising (in a different biz, not RE) is repetition. Is there a way to run all of your ads on only 1 radio station? I believe a person needs to hear something 27 times in order for them to get the message. I would pick the one station that you believe hits your target audience and try to get all of the radio spots aired on that one station during the week. I would also try to use key phrases from your radio ad in any print ads (flyers, classifieds, brochures, etc.) to reinforce your message. So, if someone reads one of your flyers they'll be thinking "Oh, yeah, these are the people I heard on the radio." Constant repetition and reinforcement of your message. Good luck. I'd love to hear what the response is. Summer
  6. Just wanted to add a new book that I found helpful, "The Power of Focus" by Canfield. Hansen and Hewitt Illustrates and gives exercises on how to be foused and stay on course with your goals. Great for any type work venture. I highly recommend it. Summer
  7. Try going here for a voicemail system with 9 vm boxes that you can change as often as you like. You can be notified by pager or cell phone when someone calls in and when someone leaves a message. $14.95 per month + min. charges. Summer
  8. Dave T, If a house is bought at a foreclosure auction For $150,000 ( the house has been appraised for $210,000) and it is re-sold right away to another seller at the full price of 210,000, what are the capital gains implications for this type of immediate sale? Thanks. Summer
  9. Summer


    OK, OK, now I've gotta play catch-up...... I happen to like that game. Summer
  10. Summer


    Congratulations! Looks like a great deal. Summer
  11. Congratulations! I'm sure you and your wife have fallen in love with Amy Renee. A child opens up a part of your heart that you probably never knew existed. It's the greatest, tenderest love of all. Enjoy every second of it! Summer
  12. Thanks for all the interest on this property. At this time the property has been handled. Thanks! Summer
  13. I'm curious, if your conversion rate is only 20%, what are the reasons that the TBs are giving that they don't want to purchase the house? Thanks, just curious. Summer
  14. Hi all! Just did a mailing and one response came back from someone having a friend who just transferred to my great city of Sant Fe, but can't sell his house in Arizona. I'd like to pass this lead on if anyone out there in Arizona is putting together L/Os. Contact me at: GreatSantaFeHomes@comcast.net or call toll-free: 1-866-237-0804 x 8 Thanks! Summer
  15. Just wanted to know how everyone's e-mail marketing has been going and if you put together any deals from your responses. I've been sending out e-mails the way you noted above and I have received absolutely no responses back, not even a "sold" message. Keep in mind the number of homes FSBO online out in my area is minimal, but I thought I would get at least one response back with either their home being sold, or a description of the home, where it is located etc. Keep in mind I write to them under my own name, no mention of a business, my personal e-mail address, etc. Real soft. Just wanted to know how you all were doing and the quality of the leads your getting. Thanks. Summer
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