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  1. Real Deal: If I choose option 2 - GV# showing - can I then access my account online and see the number that called me?
  2. Thanks Michael! Just wanted to make sure so I don't spin my wheels.
  3. I didn't know you were pregnant, Kevin. OctoMom meet DuoDad! Wise#%@...Guess that would be a wonder of science, though. Maybe I could get a reality show? Usually the first sign of a pain in the ass homeowner. By the way, have you begun your portfolio book of done deals for when this arises again? No I haven't. Good idea. How do you go about doing this? Do you actually contact the previous seller and/or tenant/buyer and get them to say something that you can keep, OR, just keep the pics and and what happened and how long to send to them? Let's see. . .Owner/Agent, wants references, demands above market price and a Stepford Tenant. I assume he has also asked you to work for free? Tell this guy you'd rather hit your thumb with a hammer and move on. And, yeah, use this guy for target practice and shake off the rust, Kev. My sentiments exactly...wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. The way the market is, we can afford to be very picky too.
  4. Have had this service since before it was google voice by the suggestion of the people here on the forum. I've searched a little bit but have not found an answer yet... Is there a way to know that a call you are getting to your cell phone through google voice is coming from google voice when it rings? This would be a great feature so that you can use different numbers for different types of marketing, and know when the phone rings where it is coming from. Thanks!
  5. For those working with CA's especially, how has it been finding tenant/buyers the last 6 months or so? Are they still out there, or has this market totally shut them down? I am starting up again, and I didn't want to bang my head against the wall. (where is that banging head against the wall emoticon when I need it?) Have the tactics changed in finding them, or it is still directional signs, bandit signs, and online marketing like CL? Would love to have some feedback on what is working for people now. Also, is anyone flipping the process and looking for t/bers first? Thanks!
  6. Hello All! Been lurking in the background a few months - had twin grandkids and I've been busy. Been reading the forum dutifully every day or so or to see what everyone is doing. I did a couple CA's last year start to finish with Michael's invaluable help. I also had the great support of this forum. Not only with questions answered, but in going back and reading all the responses. Thanks to everyone. That said... Started emailing again. Sent out a bunch this week and have 2 on the line that seem interested. One of the sellers is a retired, older realtor. I didn't recognize that from his ad, or I would have passed. It's his own residence, and he is looking to move into a retirement community. He originally asked me for references, which I by-passed and now after hearing everything, he is interested. The owner/realtor owns the property free and clear on a 14 year old property which looks great inside and out from the pics. He was asking 320M, and after doing some comps, I figured about 315M. After figuring in the option fee and rent credits, I proposed 300M, after showing him he would otherwise net about $287M. The owner said he wouldn't take less than $305M. He then said he wanted someone as a tenant/buyer that definitely would be able to purchase within one year, a non-smoker, and no pets. My question is (which I probably already answered in the topic description): Do I just need to say...NEXT!? This came out of my first batch of 80 emails, so I know I am not to the point of taking anyone. Would I by tying my hands too much in taking on those type of restrictions? Normally, I might've passed when he started asking for recommendations, but I figured that my conversations with him will get me up to speed again talking to sellers...and it has. I was pleasantly surprised when he started talking about option fees, and I told him that's how I get paid, and when he asked about a security deposit, I told him, without blinking an eye, that's for renters, not these "pre-buyers". So I'm glad for the practice to get back into the swing of things. I'm assuming that in this market, sellers are a dime a dozen, so again, I've probably answered my own question. Thanks!
  7. Bev: Just started texting recently. Do you have to put in each text individually, or is there a way to copy and paste or email yourself and forward or some other trick so you don't have to re-enter each text message? Thanks for the suggestions!
  8. Bev: Interesting way of solving a challenge with sellers. Maybe Michael can add to the conversation here. With his CA paperwork, we are putting in there what we are selling the home to the tenant/buyer for, so the seller sees right away what that figure is. I've told the seller their net figure, and that the rent credits and my fee will be added in on top of that to come to the gross figure. Unless they can't subtract, they have what we will be making right there. Bev: I assume you have developed your own contracts or are using a hybrid of Michael's. You don't have the gross amount you are selling it to the tenant/buyer on there? You also mentioned that you have on your property info website the amount you want as an option fee. This works better for you that seeing how much they have to put down, which could be more? Thanks for sharing, as always...
  9. Thanks Jason for your input. It's not just those listed with agent and on MLS but also those who want to continue marketing on their own. I'm getting both sides.
  10. Hello everyone: I spoke with Michael about this topic and understand his thoughts on this. We are looking for a commitment from our Seller to us and our methods. Not a 6 month commitment, but about 3 months (I go with the 3rd 1st of month going out from this date, or September 1st for today). Using Michael's methods also for looking for tenants, we can handle either or both ends for our seller...why do they need anyone else? I've sent off about 10 proposals this last week or so, and for those that have been interested, the topic of exclusivity came up. They wanted to continue marketing on their own because they needed someone in there paying something right away. They needed to continue with an agent and the mls for the exposure. They are trying to get as much as they can going to move their house, which is understandable. I give them the typical responses about how well this works, how quick it can be, an example where how in the past it did not work well working with a seller and them still being listed. I came back with a tenant/buyer and the seller told the agent, and the agent said they were bringing someone by, so the seller told me to wait. After a few days, the t/b went elsewhere, and the agent didn't have a serious buyer. Another example is where I had a t/b for a place and they searched the property online and saw a different price with an agent, which killed the deal. I'm just trying to figure how best to handle this. Is this just a "next" scenario - find someone else? Is this something where I should have confidence in my abilities and just get a t/b first before whatever else they are doing pans out? Should I just add a cancellation fee, and if so, how much? I just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on this topic. Getting back on the horse after a little absence, I'm still trying to feel my way around. Thanks for all input! Kevin
  11. Did you guys have any problems setting up the email? I just can't seem to get it to work. Seems like a big time saver, but unless I can get it up and running...
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    JR: I tried click2mail.net and got a German website. I'm a little rusty on my German, but I don't think that was the right site. Can you check the addy and repost? Sounds like a site to become familiar with. Thanks!
  13. Hey Doug: Nice ad! Is the ad for SLO's, with maybe a carryover into CA? Or do you do sub2 also?
  14. Rex: Heard in past that putting out HANDWRITTEN signs are good when selling (looking for T/;), but to get pre-printed signs when looking for sellers - more professional. Have you tried pre-printed signs? How are your responses with the handwritten? Do you have problems with the bandit police or theft? Do you put up and leave up, or just do over the weekends - putting up and taking down - limiting the loss? TIA for your response!
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