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  1. Is there any way to estimate closing costs?
  2. my wife and i want to lease purchase a home in longview texas reply to dan093045@yahoo.com
  3. Would like to see classified forum return. Thanks.
  4. What is an irrevocable living trust?
  5. what is this and when is it used reply to dan093045@yahoo.com
  6. i read that those who advertise seller financing are good subjects for lease options they dont want cash but take payments has anyone tried these as being highhly motivated sellers?
  7. what is this reply to dan093045@yahoo.com
  8. i have a homeowner who doesnt want tenant in home or to do a lease option is there an alternative using options thanks reply to dan093045@yahoo.com
  9. its done like this sell option then do double close with buyer thats it
  10. baldeagle


    how do i advertise a l/o for assignment same question for LP lease purchases reply to dan093045@yahoo.com
  11. Is a notarized signature required for a lease option and a pure option?
  12. i iknow an option gives me the right to sell a property and keep the profits what gives me thev right to sell what i dont own? reply to dan093045@yahoo.com
  13. do you have a criteria for an investment property? reply to dan093045@yahoo.com
  14. how do you sell with a pure option i know you can buy reply to dan093045@yahoo.com
  15. ehen is the seller option to purchase used reply to dan 093045@yahoo.com and what numbers go in it thanks
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