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  1. You need to set of software one is an e-mail extract to get your e-mails leads from craigslist and then you need the mailer to send up to 5000 e-mail without getting caught you can get the extractor here www.the-email-sniper.com plus a whole bunch of free craigslist stuff that they give you....
  2. [Well there seems to always be a problem with the list either they flag your post or you can't send e-mails or your post are never placed and they just sit in the back. Now I use to think that is was all being done by Craigslist but I found out that there is software out there being sold that will flag all the ads you want flaged on the list. So now you have wasted all the time placing post for nothing... Well the answer is to market in other ways on the list, and one of these way is via e-mails. Now for those of us that no the list well you know that they have to side on the real estate side of the FSBO one for real esate agents and the other for FSBO. Now what you are about to see will work on any part of the list you want and any city or country so keep an open mind as to what to do. Next watch this video so that you can see how easy it is to get FSBO or FRBO to send you their emails with out you having to extract them... Now it doesn't matter which you pick they can both help you out here what to do..
  3. OK frieds here are some great deals...! ! Lighthouse ponit 5/6 plus 4/4.5 waterfront/ocean access ASV= $3,000,000 price = $1.300,000 =$1,950,000 price = $720,000 Hallandale Fl. 4/3 waterfront/ocean access ASV=$2,198,000 Price = $895,000 Ft. Lauderdale Fl. 3/3 waterfront/ocean access ASV=$1,550,000 price=$625,000 Ft. Lauderdale Fl. 3/3.2 waterfront/ocean access ASV=$998,879 price=$400,000 Miami Beach Fl. 3/2 waterfront/ocean ASV= $1,215,000 price= $475,000 Coral Springs Fl. 4/2 corner lot/with pool ASV= $425,000 price=$170,000 Must have POF before any other information is given. Thank You
  4. I don't know who the author is but I know I have been using it with no problem, but now I have better software then that I am waiting to see if I can get a video for it if not then I'll see if I can make one for it but it's awsome. just think of being able to extract any e-mail from any city you are looking for like fsbo. Great right. that's what I am working on.
  5. No offense here... I am a newbie to this board. But I am a little leary of this software & megabucks41. When I have seen these kinds of posts before on other forums, it is almost always spam - especially with that kind of a web address. However, megabucks has a lot of posts here. Question for other veterans who know megabucks41 - is this legit? Thanks - Joe The reason for the link the way you read it was because the link address was kind of long so I shorten it some I am not a spammer and yes I have been on this borad for a while now as I have stated if the link doesn't work then just contact me and I can fix it for those of you that have tired to get the link and it doesn't work well the link was not going to be up for ever. Now with the other software that is coming I own it out right and I should sell it instead of given it out but I figure I give back because this borad along with MC, BEV and REX have help me in the past. So with that being said I'll see how I feel about price either way if I don't post it then it's your lost, This software is being used by top notch internet marketers not spammers. best of luck
  6. I see them some did not get the software to work others didn't trust my link so I am going to make it up to all you guys soon this timme I will not put up a funny link you will get it as it comes, plus this will blow your mind. this software could be use with craigslist or backpage and others. I have been able to extract 1000 e-mails from craigslist in different areas like jobs and services. Now think if you could e-mail buy owners as soon as they place their ads wow that would be a times saver. I am waiting on a training video to come out as soon as it does I will post the video so that you see how it works and then you could send me an e-mail for the link. Take care and I will chatt with you soon.
  7. Ok here is the deal, this is software that you can use for free to get leads from Craigslist, backpage, and a few others then send the leads an e-mail all at one time save time. Now I showed you how to get your ads on craigslist now I am showing how to extra the leads and send them e-mails for free. Here is the link best of luck to all. http://bit.ly/rurhJ if the link doesn't work then just copy it to the address bar and the rest is history.
  8. Ok Friends this is called bridging As we all know that Craigslist has been a pain in the neck lately and they don't let you place more then three free ads or each ads has to be different but I have run into the problem with them that they just don't place my ads. Well here is my answer. I place one ad and I make sure that the ad gets place first if Craigslist forces me to pay for the ad and it's not much then I go ahead with the ad because I am about to get even with Craigslist. Now once my ad is sent to my e-mail for verifcation then right on my e-mail there is a link to my ad that link is a paid link, so I copy it to my notepad and I go back to Craigslist, I then place ten different ads on craigslist and after I write my ad at the bottom I paste that link no other info is need when the person want to get in touch with me the hit that link and it send them to my paid ad that has all my info. Now what this does is drives the spiders crazy and it tells them not to mess with this ad because it's a paid ad. Now that is for one acount you could have 20 different accounts and still use the same link and it works just as well, plus you get more exposure. Want to learn How to get on googles first page in the top five spots, wait you don't believe me. OK so go to google type in Real Estate-vs-Cash Gifting and see where it's at. Then come talk to me or better yet type in megabucks41 and see where I am really posted. Anyhow hope you like the trick. Contact me for more internet marketing tips
  9. I hate to stomp on your dream there Bev but that looks like to me like Purto Rican not Cuban the bean on that white rice are not Cuban black beans and rice Now How do I know this Well I am half & half Part Cuban/ Part Italian. So when you really want to get the real Deal then come to my neck of the woods and I will treat you to Some Vaca Frita and bring MC with you God only knows I old him a dinner and he live right next door to me a bit north but still next door.LOL
  10. From an old amigo, I will be back soon just making some adjustments. http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4668112n,
  11. Thank You MC. And as well, to you and your family, much blessings.
  12. here is where I stand with these two gentlemen: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=wzyT9-9lUyE&feature=dir
  13. It's working out pretty good, I have a deal that I should be closing, at the end of NOV. have two buyers wanting to buy the same property and I have another deal in place just incase the first deal goes well, then I can put the other buyer on it. I am not using my money or credit to buy these homes I am using the system on my link that you have watched. On one deal I should clear about $16K for me and the same for my JV partner. On the next deal I should be looking at about $22K So yes I think it's great. Now these deals are not lease option or CA so I have not posted in a while. As soon as I close these two I will post what took place.
  14. I have not posted in a while but I ran into this on the net and couldn't stop laughing. www.stinkymarket.com
  15. These Properties or now ready to go and the price on them can't be beat we have these properties in these states (AL, AR, FL, GA, IL, IN, KS, LA, ME, MI, MN, MO, MS, NY, OH, PA, SC, TN, TX, WI) you can buy five at a time or you can buy in groups of 10 20 30 60 etc. mim is 5 homes these homes are being sold at $55K each. Hurry they wont last. e-mail me at ernie5662@yahoo.com or call me at 305-668-7470
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