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  1. This is more of a "What If?" question. Assuming one has a Tenant Buyer who after 1 year has decided that they are not ready to buy. (We want it SOLD) What do you normally do in this situation?
  2. I showed a L/O home this spring during a sleet storm in Toronto and found that the more the merrier. It really motivated the viewers to take the extra step and insure they had the first foot in the door. I'd certainly do it again!
  3. Hi Guys, Just want to know who all the Canadians are on this website. I'm in Toronto and currently have 6 rentals in Canada and 2 in Florida. I look forward to hearing from all of you and learning much more! Brian
  4. Results vary. The one thing I like to say is that the only consistency is the inconsistency. The gal spends, usually, about four hours a week weeding through the classifieds for me. Sometimes more. She'll send me over a good number of leads, most of which don't pan out. But, that's fine because I have instructed her to err on the side of being overzealous. I don't mind following up only to find the homeowner has zero interest. Takes me all of two minutes to do so. Keep in mind my local market is extreme: a 25% to 33% annual appreciation rate for five years running. So sellers have a tendency to be adamant and firm about what they will and won't do. Having said that, there are leads that do pan out, and for this she makes her $400. I hate the expression "It's a numbers game". But in a market like this one, it just may be. We need to wade through many contacts to find a willing seller. But markets are always changing. I've seen it before, and it will happen again. This market will slow, then turn to the downside. Great site folks! I'm a new Canadian from Toronto also! Great to see Doug and Gordon are here. I look forward to learning!!! Brian
  5. Mike.....by looking at the time you posted the last comment, what time do you go to bed??
  6. Hi Guys, I'm also a Canadian, Toronto actually. Been surfing the net and getting as much info as possible. I've got a meeting with a realestate agent (family friend) next week to get some answers to many questions. Will fill you all in when I hear from him. Cheers, Brian
  7. Is a LLC a limited company or incorporated company?
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