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  1. I have a lease/purchase deal that needs financing from a US broker/lender.I thought I had the deal secured but in the last minute, the broker I was dealing with had to back out as his lenders would not deal with an Investor from Canada.Is there anyone who can help in this deal? Frank Sherman (905-331-4596)
  2. Leeann What price range are you looking at? Frank Sherman frank.sherman@sympatico.ca
  3. Hi Andrew: Thanks for the reply.My first! I will call you.I am in Ontario near Toronto, but will invest anywhere. I can be reached @ 905-331-4596 day or night and my email is ..frank.sherman@sympatico.ca Regards, Frank Sherman
  4. I am a real estate investor looking for "sellers" of properties that are either undervalued and/or in financial trouble and "buyers" looking to eventually own their own home through "lease option to purchase" agreements.
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