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  1. Hello; I have a pure option on the horizon and as this would be my first deal, any advise would be appreciated, for instance, which contract do I use to assign my option to the new final buyer or do I just exercise using a standard sales contract and double closing. Thanks M.T.
  2. Hello; I'm looking to set up an LLC and have investigated possible companies to go through, but I wanted to get some input on who this forum thinks might be a good choice. I'm looking for inexpensive, complete and timely. Thankyou. Michael T. CA
  3. Hello All; Right now I'm getting into LO's but I also have an interest in Notes and Note Strategies and I wanted to know if anyone knew of any learning resources. Thankyou Michael T.
  4. Michael T.


    Hello All; Has anyone had Michael C.'s contracts reviewed for state of california. Thankyou
  5. My bad, I should have posted this under Marketing. all is forgiven, MT. You've been moved to the Marketing Forum....
  6. Michael T.


    Hello; I'm not sure if this belongs in this forum but here goes. Does anyone have Ideas as to the best way to begin marketing. I'm more concerned about the wording on business cards, flyers etc. I don't want to come off as a scandalas investor. I've seen signs like "stop foreclosure today" but when you call, you get concerned about the person taking you for a ride on the deal. I want to come across as a sincere investor and not a vulture, hence i'm concerned about verbage. What has worked for you, what words to avoid, what to include, how to present yourself. If anyone has ideas or templates for business cards and flyers, that would be wonderful. Thankyou - Michael T. (CA)
  7. Thankyou MPine for the much appreciated input. I hadn't looked at it that way. All other comments and Ideas welcome. Cheers; - Michael T.
  8. Hello; Let me clarify, I understand giving rent credits to the potential TB, but as the investor, is the any benefit to the original homeowner giving me rent credits. Can I explain a benefit to the original homeowner for doing so, other than it may help in locating a future TB without cutting into investor profit. Thankyou - Michael T.
  9. Hello All; I'm in the process of reading the manual and I'm a little bit confused about the topic of rent credits from the homeowner that are discussed on pg. 18-19 of the manual. Is there a benefit to the homeowner for giving rent credits. A little clarification please, because all I see is benefit for the investor and the potential TB. Cheers; - Michael T.
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