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  1. well since almost 15 people have looked at this not said anything i will....the reason you are not getting any response is simply this if you have his manual and read threw it it has the contract that you use rigth in it so you shouldnt be asking what type of contract to be using if you read as stated in your post and most questions are answered in this forum use the search feature...sorry if that came off abrassive
  2. right now im currently active military and no car down here yet so what i have been doing is the hyrbrid CA working with the homeowner and having them show the home. so the plan with this and any other deal is just do them as a CA if i get one with a huge spread then i will look at just assigning it off to another investor so that they can possibly lease option it.
  3. hey all thought i would just share part of email i received today and yes after running the comps fmv that the owner gave checks out. Now these are the kind of people i can deal working with. anyways here is the excert. "The house appraised for $241,000. I owe $228,000 but I would be willing to let it go for $225,000" No pulling teeth here, been emailing back and forth with owner just sent over the agreement tonight to have it signed along with my 72 hour this deal is off the table if i don't have it faxed back and signed deal. Well happy hunting for the next deal everybody.
  4. well started contacting the owners today that had emailed me back ....and just like that we have our first CA agreement its a 3bd 2bt with garage and basement older victoring house thats been remodeled purchase of 98,000 rent of 950.00 24 mo lease with possible 12 month extension were going for 2,500 down and splitting it 50/50 fmv for sold comps is showing 115,000 being that this house is in WI and i live in NC this will be a hybrid CA and this is a 2nd house that they wanted sold like yesterday ...and by the way this not the house that i shared the email about that was listed with a realtor still working on the one....well hope everyones thanks giving was a good one im off to make some calls and market my new deal oh ya i just recieved MCs book yesterday by far the best purchase i have made yet thanks
  5. Donald, I'm the owner, Allison is our agent and the house is still on the market. We have our contract with her til Feb. we would be willing to do something like this if the house hasn't sold before then. I don't think I can do anything now because of the contract but I'm not sure, we have 2 house payments now and every time we make one on this house I feel that we are losing money. Thanks this is one of the replies from email marketing think we stand a chance will see what happens but been getting responses like this the last couple of days in the next comming days will see if i can get one of these and put something together well hope you all had a good thanks giving im celebrating my 4th one today
  6. Well all, I don't know how many of you have seen me browsing and posting around the last couple days, but I just orderd the manual on Monday night and was able to get the contracts last night. The mission of getting a house under contract as a CA before Christmas has started. I decided to go with the email Bev was using to pull in sellers as I'm active military and have no way of getting out to look at the house so I'm going with the hybrid CA. Which means if I can pull it off around here in NC I should be able to do it anywhere. After emailing about 100 frbo and fsbo last night and this morning the replies are starting to pour in. Already have about 25 people saying they will consider it or they want to do it and to call or email them more info. So it looks like it's going to be a busy night since we know nothing will be happening on turkey day. Wish me luck I'm going in....and where I'm going with this is Bev's email pulls, bottom line.
  7. Well gents, I have found my place for faxing. I decided to go with Rapidfax. First 35 days is a free trial. Made sure to read the fine print. Their smallest package is $7.95 a month and on up from there, and I have a toll free fax number included in that price so when the owners are faxing back and forth it's not long distance for them. It sends the fax to my email, and I'm able to use multiple programs including Microsoft Word to send the faxes so I know I can electronically sign my docs without ever having to print or scan docs. So back to the grind and reading more in the forum. Have a goodnight all.
  8. I will be ordering the Holy Bible on Monday. I have tested my area with one of Bev's emails and out of the 25 I sent out I got 10 back wanting to discuss or set up a CA. However, I have a unique situation. I'm currently active military and live on base and don't have my car down here right now. My initial intentions are to do Mike's hybrid version of the CA's and have the owners put the signs out with my number and then do the marketing to get a t/b. Now to my question: I need a way that I can fax back and forth to the sellers and electronically sign. Anyone got some suggestions on a good program to do something like that? Thanks all.
  9. bump bump..dunno whatever happen to this topic maybe adam can come back to this one and explain if the right buttons were found
  10. I just happened to jump on here and register the other night and read through what now seems like 100's of articles. Unfort I'm stuck waiting on my Paypal account before I can buy the book. Yesterday I had used Bev's email and sent out 20 emails and got 5 responses that all are interested in CA their house. However, without the contracts right now I'm unable to lock up the properties so if someone would like to talk to the owners I'm willing give the leads to someone that's ready to go.
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