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  1. Might you all or Jonathan have that "release of option agreement" document available to share? I've been going through this thread ravenously because I've got a similar situation brewing with my pain in the @%& SLO that I'm only going to make $3k on. And I still have enough time to file a memorandum, which I'm going to do next week. Seems my sellers weren't so motivated anymore once I solved their problem... My buyer is unbelievably motivated, though, thankfully, and is working incredibly hard to buy the property. FANTASTIC thread. ~Naomi
  2. I'm inspired reading other people's goals. Is it just me or do all of you live around people (including family) who have no aim in life, who like New Year's for the liquor rather than the opportunity to sit down & plan, dream, write goals? I never tell anyone close to me what I'm doing; I made that mistake once. But not twice. My goals: Net $80,000-$100,000 by year's end doing option flips, lease options - staying in the pretty house realm. Get out of the $40k of debt racked up by all these courses I've bought over the years Better utilize the IRS to pay off that debt (it's all deductible to some degree, but I gotta take it!) Get to a comfort level for cold calling (it still turns my stomach, though it's an effective use of time). Consistently put out at least 10 buyer & 10 seller signs a week (gotta find someone who'll do it) Drop my remaining 20-25 lbs of baby weight, now that my baby is a toddler, and get back into gymnastics. That should keep me busy. Thanks for so much support here; I stop by everyday to learn & be re-energized. Happy, Most Prosperous & Blessed New Year to ALL! ~Naomi
  3. Surely someone's mentioned this somewhere on this forum, but I haven't seen it so I thought I'd mention it. I've teamed up with a law firm whose exclusive business is cleaning up people's credit. Yeah, I know, there are lots of credit repair companies out there, but a couple of reasons I decided to affiliate with them are: 1) My mortgage broker highly recommended them to me to work with my TBers & those people on my buyers list. That broker has a couple programs where their buyers are required to go through the program. 2) They're an actual law firm, not just a credit repair company. This was the clincher for me. 3) A nice perk, though not the clincher, is that they have an affiliate program. Right now, the TBer in the SLO I reported in another post is on it & she's starting with hideous credit - a lot of it wrong & what appears to be a merged report (her Experian report states 2 different SS#'s). She just started a couple weeks ago & has told me they waste no time in getting to work. I've put it in my option contract with future TBers that getting in the credit repair program is required if they work with me. It costs $99 + $39 or $59 per month. I haven't decided on a minimum time yet, though I'm thinking 5 months, depending on the TBer. The company is Lexington Law (www.lexingtonlaw.com) LOVE the Christmas decorations in the forum. ~Naomi
  4. Do you have the Naked Investor program? It's got everything you need to get the job done. http://www.naked-investor.com/the_manual.html Best of luck, 12 properties wow!! That could set you up nice for the new year! ~Naomi
  5. Holy crap you're lucky! We sent out 1500 and NO JOKE at least 1000 came back vacant! Moved on? Sold? How about FORECLOSED!? Welcome to HELL...er, Michagan..."the other 3rd world country". Adam: Thanks for the support. I thought I was just loading my mailbox and wasting money. Here's a tidbit: On your next mailing under your return mailing address write/type "Return Service Requested" or "Address Service Requested" check out what the USPS says: http://www.usps.com/ncsc/addressservices/moveupdate/ace.htm You get the forwarding address for free!! We Buckeyes know our way around the mailing system... Also, why don't you find the sellers? No other investor knows how to find them so they'll just move on. Try www.findtheseller.com Granted, if you're already swimming in properties, then I can see why waste the time, but hey. ~Naomi
  6. Ok, that pic did NOT work the way I had intended for it, so please forgive the lousy upload. Michael, if you want to take it down, you're welcome to it. That's an example of my sign used for the pain in the $@% house I finally L/O'd. The sign was shooting for an end buyer (the owner signed an option with me first, then went with the L/O). It was these signs that drew my L/O tenant. Anyway, it gives you an idea of what we mean by handwritten. Now this is 2 18"x24" coroplast signs taped together & nailed with 1/2" roofing nails to the wood stakes. I put up "directionals" of the same coroplast signs, I just cut them in half with a box cutter and used 24" stakes instead of the 36" ones this sign has. And I put out no less than a dozen directionals. Also, at the main intersection to get into this neighborhood I put up a full size 18"x24" sign with arrows all over it, as well as the general offer & ph#. Again, Michael, I'm sorry the stupid pic didn't upload small like I intended it. If you want to pull it down, I understand. ~Naomi
  7. Hey Steve I'm curious what your email to FSBOs says? I've had a fantastic response to my email marketing to FSBOs on Craigslist for pure options, but when I'm looking for L/Os I get little or no response. So what do you say in your e-mails for PO's? I discovered Craigslist, too. A beautiful thing. Sold a wholesale deal off of it. Getting ready to do another wholesale for $4k off Craigslist. Found a lady w/ a huge investor database and she's begging me for "Dayton Deals" as she call 'em. Lots of rehabbers on her list. Lots of cheap rehabs to be had here. I'd rather deal in pretty houses, though.
  8. I'm not sure what you're asking; Lexington Law does require payment for their services, but that would be on the T/Ber, however I'll work it into the monthly payment. It's not expensive (at least compared to some I've seen), it's $99 down & $39-$59/mo (depending on which program is chosen) for however long the client decides, usually 4 to 6 months (per LL's website). At that point the client's credit is up to snuff for what they need and they get off the program. Lexington Law is not a lender, just a credit repair law firm. In the future, when I plan to do a C/A or a sandwich, I'll make it clear to the seller and the T/Ber that the credit repair is required, work it into the monthly payment, and make it a clause in my contracts. And I'll definitely explain why I'm making it required - if the T/Ber is serious about homeownership (and if you pre-screen properly they should be serious) then they won't have any problem with it at all. The seller should absolutely love it because they'll see how it'll help the T/Ber to buy their house, hopefully sooner rather than later. For a C/A where you'll be out of the deal, it's another benefit to working with you and helps justify your price. Did that answer your question?
  9. Well, I usually turn to my written courses first when I have a question. Also, looking at/through them reminds me of the forums available in association with them. But without the courses, I was just kinda flying by the seat of my pants, and flat out didn't remember about the forum. Something else bugging me is that I can't find the digital course on my computer when I downloaded it (at least I thought it was a downloaded course). Either way, that deal is over now, I have my precious courses back & my future is looking brighter
  10. The frustration of the seller is what made me give it up. I had some forms from another course I have. It sure was nice to find my more beloved (ie helpful) courses, though. ~nck
  11. It's been a looong time since I came into this forum, but I wanted to share my success story (along with lessons learned). The last time I was here I was in the middle of the blazing hot market in Virginia Beach, VA, and struggling and frustrated. Never did get a deal done there. We eventually moved & sold our house there for a nearly $100k profit between what we bought for and sold for 3 years later. Anyway, now we're in Ohio in a slow market, and I've finished my first sandwich lease (well, I'm in the middle of it). I found the seller from a lead service. Initially the seller wanted to sell outright, so he Optioned with me, but I couldn't find a suitable buyer in the time he gave me. So he went ahead with a sandwich lease - it was a pain in the butt, because he got so caught up in all the potential details instead of just making a blasted decision & eliminating all the other options. I had a hard time getting him to make a decision about anything. I finally started making a few for him & he started coming around (and this is a military guy!). It took me about 2 weeks to find a suitable T/B'er, she had a credit score of 490, but could make the $1400/mo payment, and had 2 years+ of on time payments with her landlord. The credit score concerned me, but her payment history eased that concern. I've since found a law firm specializing in credit repair that's working with her. Due to my lending sources, I can get her a subprime loan with a 575-600 score. So they're working on that. She is a victim of identity theft. Here are the numbers on the deal & some of what I learned: I contracted with the sellers at $145,000, they wanted a couple thousand to move. I contracted with the T/B'er for $153,000, she put $5000 down. Here's where I screwed up: my T/B'er put down $1500 and financed the other $3,500. The sellers were a couple days past due for their monthly payment so they took the $1,500 to cover that payment. And, because the military man who couldn't make a decision irritated me so bad, I just gave him the $3500 to move - just to shut him up & get him off my back. It worked, but I got nothing up front at all. I do have $3000 on the backend coming, and I'm working with my buyer to get her score up. My buyer is hell bent on buying the house (my saving grace) & she wants to do it by March. She got irritated with the seller, too, because he just kept coming up with potential problems and not making any decisions. So she and I have a "common enemy" and are both motivated to get her qualified. Turns out she's been sweet talking all kinds of people about me, developing potential referrals for me. So my T/B'er is very happy. If I had to do this one over again, I would assign it or do a CA - get in, set it up, and get out. Also, I would have gotten at least 1/2 that $5000 option fee. I also learned that I need to LEAD both the sellers and the buyers. By the time I found my buyer in this transaction, I'd figured that out, but I was having all my troubles because I didn't lead my seller - he had me by the tail. It wasn't 'til I started making decisions for him that the deal came together. Now, I'm a little ear shy because this deal was such a pain in the neck. But the deals here are plentiful & I now have a (small) buyers list, so I'm going to go back out & try this again, being a little wiser. Here's a little aside: I did not have my Naked Investor manual through this whole process. If I had, I would've done the CA. What happened was that when we moved to Ohio from Virginia I packed all my real estate courses in a couple boxes & in the moving process managed to misplace them. I thought they were lost - and absolutely sick over it. But, we found them just a couple weeks ago & I've been pouring back over it all - almost like my kids were lost and I found them. Well, I've got some phone calls to make And some deals to do. I hope this has helped somebody here. If I can do this without a manual to refer back to, then anybody can, especially WITH it! ~Naomi Kockentiet Beavercreek, OH PS, the law firm credit repair company I've utilized is www.lexingtonlaw.com I've made a clause in my option agreement with my tenant buyers making it required that they work with LL, or they're in violation of the contract.
  12. Getting back into action; having to re-educate myself, almost like starting over, only this time Uncle Sam is helping (ie, nice tax refund, thanks to the birth of my daughter)! Something to market with. I missed what the Affidavit of Equitable Interest is. What is this document used for? Thanks, Naomi P.S. This is my 4-month old, Alina (and our 5 year-old cat, Aramis) I hope I attach correctly.
  13. Of course, she's beautiful, just like her mother. She does have her daddy's feet, though, and his double chin. -Naomi
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