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  1. Gary I would try and get at least 3-5% down at least. These people need to have something invested in the home if they are going to be quality T/b. Good Luck Scott(pa)
  2. Hello Michael Its been a while. Last time we were in contact I was having some legal problems. Teaches us all one thing. Everyone needs to go out and find a good RE lawyer before they start working deals. IT will save you a lot of problems. Please dont get me wrong Michaels manual is great and will definately make you succesful if you follow is manual and advice but every state is different so just check with a lawyer for piece of mind if noting else. Right now I am looking at a duplex within walking distance to my home. The asking price is only 20k It does need some work to get tenants in there. There is a college within walking distance does anyone have experience renting to college students? Just curious. By the way Micheal while my RE was in limbo because of legal problems I started a new business. What I do is place a display of products in business and offer a 40-70% discount on all items for the employees. The items are only offered to the employees. Its doing great but not as exciting as RE. I had to get back into RE and my heart is pumping on this deal, I'm very excited about this duplex. Well Michael if you would be interested I also have catalogs and I would be more than happy to send you one if you would like one, let me know. Theres been 2 people that have been very supportive of me in RE one is Clair(mo) if anyone knows him and the other is Michael. If anyone does read this and is considering purchasing Michaels manual to get started in Re go for it its a great manual and if your still not sure just hang out and read the post you will learn alot. I would really suggest having a manual before you step out into the real world though. You need a guide. Good Luck All Scott(pa)
  3. Note: I am a registered member here. I was not logged on when I made that post, so I believe it shows me as unregistered. I am registered and I ask that if you wish to be a member of the investor team, out of respect for the site please register also.
  4. Michael I think they seem common since to people who have been doing it for a while but to someone who has just started, there are probably some new ideas in there. Someone might wonder "what is a bandit sign" "Why contact Lanlords their home is not even for sale" Hopefully this will get some people thinking. Just my opinion. Scott(pa)
  5. Just curious how the Level sysyem works on the board.
  6. Hello I wanted to place some ideas on here hopefully it will help some of you new investors out. Finding homes top 10 list. 10. Friends, relatives, work associates, word of mouth. Tell everyone you know and everyone you meet that you buy homes. This form of Free exposure will for certain get you some leads. 9. Place a newspaper ad. Place ads in Pennsaver, Bargain sheet etc. These are all very inexpensive ways of advertising. 8. Contact Landlords whom are evicting tenants. These landlors are probably in a perfect state of mind to get their home on a Lease/Purchase or very inexpensive. 7. Contact Landlords with properties for rent. These people are already open to the idea of renting their home. Therefore your half way there. They may have been trying to sale their home and had to do something to help with their payment so they had to rent the home. You will be a blessing. 6.Networking with local professtional such as: Realtors, attorneys, CPA. These people are always meeting people buying homes and saleing homes. 5. Network with service people: Newspaper carrier, Mailman, Meter readers, lawn service people, Plumbers, etc.... 4. Fliers: Very cheap! Put fliers up everywhere. Anywhere where there is alot of foot traffic. Anywhere large crowds gather. You get the point here. Plaster your town with flyers. 3. Door hangers: Make up about a thousand of these. Hang them in your farm area. Hire a niece, nephew and their friends. They work cheap. Hire the local newpaper boy. Get out a thousand of these and there will be a deal or two there. 2. Magnetic Car signs. Another form of cheap advertising. You can get a good set for about 80-100. Everywhere you go these signs go with you. Every car or truck you pass by sees it. They catch the eye. Your vehicle can be your rolling billboard. I am currently working on a system to develop these cheaply for investors that I meet. I would like to get them done for about $60.00. I'll let you know when Their ready. 1. Bandit Signs: This seems to be the top producer for all succesful investors. Place your bandit signs everywhere where there is alot of traffic. Place short message on them. To the point. I BUY HOMES, SALE YOUR HOME NOW! CASH FOR YOUR HOME. Your attracting people that are driving they dont have much time to read it. Make your phone number large so it is easily read. I hope this will help some of you out there to get your first home. Good Luck Scott(pa)
  7. Samantha If your serious buy the course. I assure you the info is in there. Unlike other courses I have wich cost thousands when you add the mentoring with it. This is a good course, You will not have to dig to find out how to do it. It is written out very clearly. It is no where near as hard as you may think. I believe the main problem is when your first starting out is that you feel intimidated. Intimidated by the high numbers in RE, intimidated that maybe you forgot something, somone you talk to might no more than you. Guess What! If you just take it step by step you will not have a problem. Do not try and get ahead of yourself. Follow the insructions and do it. When I first began I procrstated forever. I finally decided to do it. You wont belive it but the first call I made on a FSBO was my first deal. Dont expect those results. That was luck. Its a numbers game and my number just happen to come up on my first call. I admit I made a few mistakes it was a little rocky and nerve wrecking. At the end, it took two months to do entire deal. Thats get the home under contract and find a buyer. I walked away with a check for 5k. Not to bad. I probably had 10hrs work in it total. I really cant imagine I had that much in it. There are many different ways to make money with Lease Option and they are covered in the manual. Believe me if your serious and will do what it takes buy the course. If your going to use the course to collect dust dont buy it. Its that simple. You can do all the question asking you need to on sites like this. I personally wouldnt feel comfortable doing my first deal depending on answers from people who dont even know me and I dont know them. You need to have a course so that you can follow the outline drawn by someone that has done it. Good Luck Scott
  8. Samantha I have the course and yes Everything is in the course that you need to complete a deal. Including all contracts.
  9. I also wanted to note that if anyone feels they would like to email me personally to talk about the course that is fine too. BANKS1429@EARTHLINK.NET
  10. Did you order the course on this site yet? I have it and it is a great course. If you just started this course would be percect for you and it also has the contracts you need.
  11. If you are selling your home, I can assist you in selling it quickly. I am working with a group of private investors that loan cash to buyers that cant qualify for a traditional mortgage. If they have bad credit and small down payment thats ok. They qualify you get cash at closing. Done Deal! If someone is selling a home on L/O and having problems getting your T/B qualifed to cash out This is a great situation for you. Thanks Scott(pa)
  12. Christopher Do a search for hard money lenders on the web. I dont think you will have much luck finding one at 8-12% though unless you have great great credit. What type of deal are you looking to do?
  13. I look forward to that Michael. I have a 3 yr old daughter(Hailey) and a 8 month old Son(Ethan). Theres alot of teeth thats going to be lost in this home over the next few years! Hailey just had a princess party where Hailey and about 10 of her friends dressed up like princess and had a cake made to look like a castle, a pineta, games toys gifts food etc... Thank God for RE. Total cost about $500.00 Thats the type of things you can do with the extra money you make in this business, Well better get to work on next deal Ethan has a birthday coming soon!LOL!
  14. Hello I have just finished reading the Naked-Investor Manual. I have read about 5-6 courses and have completed deals. This Manual holds up to any course I have read. Amazingly it is not even a fraction of the price of other courses covering this topic. Naked-Investor is a course that is both very affordable and easy to understand. After you put this book down you will be ready to do your first deal. It includes everything you need from start to finish. This manual covers subjects that when I first started out I could not find answers to. Subjects the other courses didnt tell you. As I see it, this Manual is the only one you need to get started and be successful! Good Luck All and Thank You Michael for the time and energy you have put into this course. Scott Banks
  15. Samantha I received my copy of the Naked-Investor manual today. I am also happy to tell you I sat down a read the entire manual in one sitting. The manual is definately worth the asking price a few times over. Like I mentioned in a previous post I have read several manuals and most manuals give the same info. This book gave all the info the other manuals gave me and I was happy and surprised to find a few new refresing ideas, that I plan to implement starting today on a few calls I will make. This is definately a good book for the beginner or the veteran investor. For the beginner the book is written in a manner in which you will understand the concepts that are taught. You will not be left with alot of questions and if you are you can contact Michael immediately and clear up any concearns. If you are considering purcahsing a manual and serious about getting into this great business. Get the course read and study it ask your questions and you will do your first deal within a 2 month time. That is if you put in an effort! I would like to thank Michael for putting this course together for us in an affordable and usable manual. The real life examples he gives are terrific for your understainding the course. Good Luck Scott(pa)
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