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  1. Thanks Michael, for your input, as always. I agree with you, I am not going for this one. the place isn't all that anyway, and needs a lot of work. We have to be patient, and the right one will come along.
  2. Hey all, Long time no talk, I know. I would love some advice from yall right about now. My husband and I are looking for a house that WE can lease purchase. We have very scarred credit that will be better one year from now. We want to get into a home NOW, and start building equity. We can get a conventional loan, but our interest rate is at 9.5%, and that doesn't allow us to afford the payment at a decent house. If we wait a year, we will get a better rate, and a decent house. I found a landlord who would be willing to rent his place out to us for one year, then sell it. He says he simply wants to sign a normal lease, and then have my husband and I get an appraisal done in a year, and then we can buy it. Now, the house isn't all that, but it needs a lot of work, and we can eventually build a LOT of equity in it. The kitchen and bath both need remodeling, as well as the basement. The attic is apparently expandable and the guy says we can create a few bedrooms up there, and build a spiral staircase to the attic. He wants to build a two car garage, and put new siding on the house while we are renting. Like I said, the place isn't all that, but it's in a good neighborhood, and has lots of potential for improvements. It has two bedrooms, (and we have two kids) but there is a huge room in the basement that can be finished, and a bathroom added as well, which can be a bedroom, and we can supposabely add rooms up in the attic. The guy wanted to rent it out for $900 per month, but he says he will let us rent it for $725 per month, and that way we can save for a down payment. It isn't my dream home, but we want a place of our own, and this just so happens to be the first guy who has been open to the idea of a rent to own in a long time. People around here don't like this lease purchasing idea too much. So, my questions are , 1)what should I get in writing besides a lease? 2)Should we have an appraisal now, and try to talk him into doing a l/p with the terms locked in? 3)What if anything am I missing? Thanks guys.
  3. Yeah, I hear ya, my cousin in law just came over and replaced a very breakable door with a steel door in my bedroom, where they were trying to get in. The other door had glass and a very dinky lock. He just went out to get a deadbolt as well. I am lucky to have family here to take care of business when my man is away.
  4. Some guys tried to break into my apartment last night. They tried to get in my bedroom door. I haven't been that scared in a long time. The downstairs neighbor scared them off. I want to move somewhere that I can feel safe. My husband recently went back to his old job, he travels. He isn't here anymore at night for weeks at a time. Those idiot bastards!!!!!
  5. Has anyone joined Bargain.com for monthly foreclosure listings? They charge 1.95 for one month, then 9.95 for every other month. I am wondering if they are legit, or scammers. There has to be somewhere else to get local foreclosure listings than to pay a company. thanks
  6. Just wondering if any of you are familiar with Northern Georgia. My husband has an opportunity to transfer there with his job, and I am wondering how it is over there. I need to remain in college, and I know GSU is nearby both of those cities, so I am wondering how much the cost of living is, and how bad traffic is, and all that. So, thanks to anyone with any info.
  7. Well, yes, I am finished with the condo, but I have yet to return his key and garage door opener. He will compensate me for my efforts and marketing once the place sells, I know it.
  8. He sqwauked. He said, "Why cab't you just keep marketing like you have been?" To make a long story short, I said no three times, then yes, then called him back and said I really can't , he says he will compensate me for any marketing costs when he finally sells the place. We will see.
  9. Congratulations on making a career move, Andrew. Is your baby almost here? Let us know how you are doing in that business. Great news about those leads you are getting for free too!!!
  10. So, I should tell the homeowner that I will continue showing his place, but that I will not be able to market his property any longer for him, because doing so would be acting like a realtor with no license. Should I go to a lawyer to draw up the contract, because if so, I can't do it. Thanks a lot.
  11. I know, I know, I should have another deal by now, I JUST finished a four week statistics class in summer school, and I am just hanging with my kids for the past three days. I am sure I WILL be making calls very soon. I will admit I have been reluctant because I have been low on marketing funds. But I know I have to keep trying. Thanks for the advice as always Michael.
  12. Okay, for everyone who has been following my scenario with the condo, the seller just called me and says he is seriously considering selling his condo outright, and he would like me to continue showing it for him and then pay me a fee of 2500. How do we structure the deal? He wants to try and sell it for 154,000. He says a condo just like his sold for that, but that place had new carpet and plumbing, which his doesn't. Should I keep spending money to advertise, or should I just tell him to go with a realtor? Thanks for any advice.
  13. Hey Mr. Saint, What a great idea!! I actually had the same idea a few months back. How long were you in school for, and what exactly do you have to do? Are you running your own business with that as well? Any information you have is appreciated, as always. Thanks. Samantha
  14. Hey, it's all good, we all have our own lives, and our own "significant other" problems, but let's be glad for what we DO have, and realize that these petty fights are not acceptable, and don't even deserve a second thought. I AM a bit tipsy, forgive me. But let us prosper, my friends, let us go get those deals!!!!!!
  15. exactly Mr. Saint, that's just it, I am the most giving person, and sometimes I may be selfish, but we all are sometimes. I don't even have time to be selfish, I have two babies to care for. Great feedback though, thanks alot. I think you pretty much got it right.
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