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  1. Personally I like the following... For wholesaling and flipping 40-100 Equity Last sale date of 15 years (although eliminates most inherited and quick claim prospects) 3-5 bedroom More then 1 Bath (less then one bath houses suck) Single Family Residences 30k minimum equity 500,000 maximum value Take this result and divide it into four groups 1) Absentee Out of state mailing address 2) Absentee in state mailing address out of city 3) Absentee in city mailing address 4) Owner Occupied
  2. Although I dont think we have to adhere to the DNC there may be issues with voiceblasts and attending the call.. I would suggest hire someone off or Odesk for 3 bucks an hour and have them cold call. BTW you can load the telephone number into my text system and send an audio text...
  3. The ad worked great and with exception of my 30 minute infomercial it pulled the best response. The shotgun ads are really great for high audiences. In todays market I like yellow letters better since not everyone is a selling canidate..
  4. You need a good marketing company.. Like Yellowlettermail.com ...... Sorry...
  5. Michael I use to be on the side of never dealing with an agent or Broker and buy before the deal was contaminated... Being a Broker myself I have seen too many uneducated agents and Brokers screw up deals trying to be the "Guy". However I have learned not to be too hasty and if the deal fits and a commission can be paid make the darn thing work and according to Realtor Ethics and assuming the Seller hasnt requested not to a buyer can have their agent present the offer to the seller. Just request to be there too.
  6. Is it only me or is anyone else noticing a huge increase in seller calls?
  7. Trulia.com might be a better search.
  8. Had a RE only text service and actually unplugged it to create a full feature site. The keywords will come however it all takes time. As for a sexting site... I am certain the admins on this site see some strange stuff come across however OMG people should not send pictures of their body parts. Talk about some ugly junk....
  9. I get it... I question it myself some days... Then I think of google, craigslist, facebook and the naked investor, all billion dollar websites..
  10. But do you own the service and software platform...
  11. Dang it that is the question I forgot to ask before I spent money building this thing... Simple asnswer is advertising once I have a user base... And I get to use it for free ... Just cost me about 3k a month...
  12. okay not bad numbers 1310 people used the site in 4 days... I NEED MORE USERS... Its free so I need all the users I can get to make money...
  13. Mine is at http://www.yellowlettermail.com/faq.html scrowl down to the bottom..
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