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  1. how much financial consideration is required to make a contract enforceable
  2. how do you get the back end profit thanks i know about front end
  3. a lease option violates the due on sale clause as per CFR 12
  4. how does one determine the value of an option i saw it somewhere on web but cant find it again thanks
  5. my son has a home the mortgage iscin another mans name so my son cant claim deductions for interest and taxes if heputs home into a trust can he file again an amended taxereturn and get it handled that way thanks
  6. my wife said she thought if there was a lien on a property that whoever bought it had to pay the taxes i dont know where she got the idea from but what goes thanks again
  7. money from an equity split how is it treated for tax purposes?
  8. matrix

    1% Rule

    what is the mathematical basis for the 1% rule in estimating payments and rents thanks
  9. Thanks. i am paralyzed only can use one hand sorry
  10. ron legrande says to say if im to make an telligent decision dont you agree i need more information that ususally works it did for me a lady said its none of my business i used ron legrandes magic words worked like a charm too hef husband called me with info soon thereafter
  11. i read somewhere that a lease purchase obligates a tenant this is contrary to my understanding can you help please than s guys you all are greatand kimberly too
  12. I have a friend who had a bad experience with renters. She went to a judge and police took them away, but how can she legally get rents owed to her? It put her in a financial bind. Thanks for any advice you can give.
  13. how much and what does an option control thanksagain
  14. matrix


    when doing a flip who gets the original contract and who gets the assignment form thanks for your assistance
  15. does the lease give the right to sublease thanks for a great forumit adds value to ones knowledge of this subject
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