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  1. +10000. That's the perfect mindset sir. I have been having fake conversations out loud while driving. Seems to be helping. Thanks again.
  2. I've never had it happen to me personally but a friend of mine owns a title company and has told me about this sort of thing before. I am guessing the situation is just he has a simple option with the seller at $135,000 and has a buyer at $150,000. Or number roughly around that and the buyers bank as you said is not wanting to pay the extra $15,000 to some random dude in their eyes. I don't know any way around it. From what I have heard some banks will have a problem with it and some will not. Tell the buyer to look for financing from another bank would be my best option. Or have him speak directly to the bank and state his case. Both make sense. I'd try talking to the bank first. Sighting his equitable interest in the deal and his recouping of marketing costs, etc. Be careful using the word fee though.
  3. So i think cold calling is gonna be the next phase of my marketing that I launch. To be honest I am pretty nervous about starting to cold call. I wish it was one of those things I could hire out. But I know it isn't. I am planning on logging all of it on here for humor,
  4. Thanks Michael, I still see quite a bit of work to be done with it. But I am only planning on having 5 pages. I agree that it is only one part of my marketing scheme. The business cards are in the mail. I plan to start cold calling this week. What do you guys think of the 7 day guarantee I put out to sellers. To have an offer in their hands within 7 days? It really doesn't mean a ton on my end. but I think it might be a good hook for sellers going to the site. I am giving myself $600 to get this started. Or at least hoping that that will suffice. The website I was planning on spending $400 to have someone design ended up costing me nothing now and $10/month from now on. (although I think I might upgrade to the $20/month package to get 5 email addresses on the site instead of one. and more than 5 pages). So I saved $400 of costs on the website so that was a nice touch.
  5. hey thanks those are nice websites. Can you comment on the traffic? Do you derive a good amount of deals from it? Or at least contacts/leads?
  6. Hey guys, I just had this website set up and would love it if some of the pro's around here would shed some input into what I should have on it for content. It is just a part of my marketing campaign of some place sellers and tenants can be driven off of my advertisements and get information. Here is what I have outlined as being important. Please feel encouraged to add and shed input on what I've written. 1. Home page: I am kind of at a loss here because all of the ideas of what I would put on the home page would make more sense under the about us page. 2. About us page: A page about the company. Maybe a look into the surface of lease purchasing and how it is advantageous for both buyers and sellers? 3. Seller's page: A page designed to draw in people who have a potential house I could lease purchase. Give them all the information they would need to do business with me. 4. Buyer's page: A page for tenant/buyers to get information 5. Contact page That is all. I was thinking of putting up a Buyer/seller faq about it. But more likely I will wait 6 months or so until I have a solid idea of what questions to add in. Anyone want to shed some insightful thoughts on this website I'd much appreciate it. Also if you'd like info on how to set up your own let me know. It was ridiculously cheap and easy. It's costing me $10 a month and is about as difficult to setup as typing in MS word. http://www.laubaughproperties.com Thanks a million, Jordan
  7. But with anything like Lease/Purchasing deals I would have an interest and therefor not need a license. But then several other parts that I'd considered I would most likely need a license. I am in Michigan. I guess I'll speak with an attorney to get clarification.
  8. Question, Operating a Property Management Company (that conveniently specializes in Lease/Purchasing, but that also offers other services, like managing rentals, prepping and staging apartments for in between rentals, and other services along the same lines. Would I need any licensing for all this?
  9. Thanks JR. I am not sure but I think I briefly read on the state's site where I can bring in another company into a new or existing LLC. This would help with existing on-going SLOs. It is really just a name change though. I will have re-read and get more info. Hey Jordan, didn't mean to squash your post. Lol no problem man, Always love information changing hands. Doesn't have to be with just me.
  10. lol, I read this for about 10 minutes confused as hell til I realized there was a post above it that you were referring to... Anyways....
  11. I agree man, The LLC isn't specifically for doing L/P deals. It's the front for a property management business I am starting. That will hopefully encompass a lot more than just L/P
  12. Dear fellow members, I have been considering incorporating for a few weeks now. I have since begun the process. I'll start this post off with a few warnings. First, it is not easy to set up any type of legal entity. You have to pick a name. I don't know about you guys but I have spent hours trying to find a suitable name for my entity that is business(y) and cool. Apart from picking the name though it is pretty easy. Here are the steps I took. First step: Deciding which legal entity to use? As I was going to be the sole investor I had to choose between a Limited Liability Company, a Sole Proprietorship, and an S-Corp. I chose LLC because it is basically the easiest and most common. S-corps aren't hard but you have to file a C-corp and then apply for S-corp status. Second Step: Filing the Articles of Organization (or Art. of Incorporation for S-corp). This is a painfully simple form to fill out. You can get it from your states website. http://www.michigan.gov/dleg/0,1607,7-154-...6737---,00.html (If you are unable to find it let me know which state you are in and I'll try looking it up for you) After you fill the form out you need to submit it. You can mail it in or drop it off in person. The address is at the bottom of the form. There is also a small fee (Usually around $50 that you have to mail in with the form) As of right now, I've completed this second step. It's all you have to do to set up the entity. There are things that have to be done to keep it "legally enforceable" that I will post more about later as I start doing those things. I will also expand more on this post when I get back later. ***Disclaimer: This is not legal advice from a legal professional. Should you be seeking legal advice you should contact your attorney or CPA.
  13. Package got here. Nice work on shipping I'd say that was a $97 shipping job. I look forward to using it and sharing thoughts on here about stuff. You seem to back the book up with active forum participation so that is a plus already to have the author around to answer questions that come up. Nice work you. Jordan
  14. Hey have you heard of Jason Loucks? I think he is a RE investor from South Florida as well.
  15. How happy am I gonna be with this?
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