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  1. Tony, Please contact me to discuss. http://www.careymortgage.com
  2. FIX AND FLIP LOANS Loan will be 100% of the sale price and 100% of the repair funds, not to exceed 65%of the ARV (after repair value). Turn around time on the loan: Within (2) weeks. Maximum length of the loan: (12) months. No pre-payment penalties Deferred payment plans available Seller’s concessions/assists may be used to finance the closing costs, as long as the loan does not exceed 65% ARV. If purchase and repairs costs are below 65% of ARV closing costs can be wrapped into the loan. Interest only payments (no principal) until the property is sold or refinanced. Repair funds go into an escrow account: The escrowed repair funds are paid in draws as work is completed. To qualify you must have a credit score of 620 (no exceptions). Currently have 25% of repair costs in cash reserve. Loan amounts higher then $30,000.00. Appraisal done by our company (must be paid up front to appraiser). Two year tax returns, bankstatements, or W-2 and paystubs needed. We currently DO NOT offer this loan program in the states of CA,LA,MI,VT, Alaska or Hawaii. Must be a single residential property, up to four units. Please visit my website at http://www.careymortgage.com. Or call me for your Fix and Flip Loan!
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