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  1. Brian, Trying searching for them on Hoovers online or Thomas Register. This is generally public information Or search for them on the internet. Make a phone call to the company and ask for HR. Ask for their fax number or go on an explain that you have a great home available. The person on the phone may know someone. I don't generally tell about the referral fee to these people. Hope this helps option8
  2. Here are a few ideas: Try hanging a banner in the front window or in/on the door. Some may remember, i'm big on neon. Can you get a list of all the major employers in the area? Send a fax or email to their HR or relo department asking them to post in the employee break room. Do you have a military base in the area? They usually have a housing center. Contact the pastors/clergy of the houses of worship in the area. Send them a flyer on your property. They generally know who is in need of housing. I have had good results finding TBs with this resource. option8
  3. Happy Birthday, Adam option8
  4. Hi folks! I'm here, I'm here or rather I should say, I'm back...I'm back! Adam send me a link to this post to alert me to the fact that I've been missed (Thanks, Adam!) Let me publicly and profusely apologize for disappearing on all of you. Yes, website is down, 800 # changed...all of this is true. I've also suffered from the ususal small business hiccups---lost harddrive with all my links, etc. But I am not in the witness protection program. Unfortunately, I had a business partner relationship that was not good. I am no longer doing deals in that business entity... Now to the good stuff: As Adam said, I've been working on a huge project! I've actually been involved in the acquisition and rehab of 10 properties solely for the purpose LP. This has been a herculean effort, but I'm getting close to having a finished product to sell. The first one will be finished on Monday, the next 3 are undergoing demolition right now. I'll keep you all posted on the results. Here's the better news: I have learned so much over the last 6 months. I've been getting the equivalent of a master's degree in lease purchases in volume. (It is my hope that everyone here will benefit from my experience. Finally, Bear with me as I climb back into the saddle here. It will take me awhile to go thru all the posts and get caught up. I will attempt to answer all of your questions. Michael, I apologize to you also for bailing out. Perhaps the value of my future contributions will serve as amends. If anyone needs me, please send me a pm with a phone number and a good time to call. option8
  5. Nope! We dropped them a long time ago. option8
  6. I'm frantically getting things back up and regret that I haven't been around on the forum lately. Once I get back up, I then have to play catch up! I will be back... option8
  7. Good stuff here! Let me see if I get this right. If I find a property that needs fixing up (and I don't do rehab!), I can do a CA or Sandwich Lease with this handiman special. I can either assign my contract for a fee or sublet to an investor for low to no down. If it is my sandwich, I rent it to the investor for more than my rent payment the seller. If it is a CA, I can assign my contract for a fee.. So, investor gets a house to rehab at a predetermined price and he pays for the fixup. I can come back in and move his improved property on a CA to get the ultimate TB in the property. Now, lets see if I have all of this right: -Investor can refi out his profits and cash seller out. -Seller gets a highly improved property if no one exercises -and I get paid now---maybe even twice! what's not to love about this board!!! option8
  8. Wanted: 3 bedroom, 1 or 2 bath (1 car garage is desirable), in a decent starter neighborhood. Near Bradenton, Clearwater, Sarasota, FL $600 per month Family relocating and needs a place. Contact me if you have anything... option8
  9. option8


    Great advice, Kimberly. option8
  10. Let's get them real early. I have an absolutely adorable 3 1/2 year old, who is absorbing a lot about real estate. He would be happy for be the spokesperson/ model for your ad campaign. It fits right in with the diaper... "Lease Options Stripped to the bare essentials, presented so simply, even I can get it!" Or "I've traded my diapers for dollars!" or "Don't remain a Real Estate Infant. MCs materials will have you toddling off to the bank" Can we discuss a fee? :ph34r:
  11. option8

    Phone systems

    Blake, You can use Kall8 or VoicePro The fees for any of these are pretty low. We use VoicePro for our original business, I personally use uReach and Tagline for my new venture and Kall8 to market individual items outside my regular business. (Neither of these have multiple voicemail boxes) option8
  12. option8


    Happy Birthday! I think you are in a good place for 2-3. I wish I'd know at 23 what I know today. May your 24th year be very prosperous and exceed any expectations you can possibly come up with. option8
  13. As a gentle reminder, I'm sending this to the top! We have two more days in this month to meet the challenge. Alot can happen in 2 days. go get 'em option8
  14. It's in the works... I'm doing quite well without them, thank you very much! option8
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