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  1. I did a big email campaign today and I was contacted by a seller who is interested in doing a lease purchase. So how do I approach the seller to do a CA?
  2. You probably not getting responses because the sellers aren't interested. Just keep marketing you are bound to hit at least 1. Of course you can combine direct marketing with internet marketing to increase your chances.
  3. I agree get rid of the bird feeder but we have a socialistic president that continues to build bird feeders and raise taxes to feed these birds. Get rid of the current administration first than dismantle the bird feeder.
  4. The flex options come from a real estate investor guru name Tim Mai. How it works is this: You approach a seller or even a wholesaler and tell them you have end buyers that are interested in the property they have. You have them sign a flex option contract which allows you to market the property to your end buyers but still gives them the right to continue to market the property. Once you have an end buyer you can nodw turn the flex option into a standard PSA contract.
  5. How would you structure a coop assignment deal with either a multi family unit or some other commercial real estate property like self storage? Would it be the same as a residential property or are there different marketing and negotiating tactics?
  6. I believe POA is Power Of Attorney.
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_financing No emailing required.
  8. That's why you always ask for the whole option payment upfront. No payment plans nothing either pay the whole thing or no deal.
  9. In all do honesty I never go by any online comp service even as an estimate. I have to have recent sold comps in order to determine property values. I just don't trust online sites.
  10. Here is what a MLO is: You approach a commercial owner and ask him if you could put the property under a master lease option. He will either carry the note himself or you can take over the payments subject to if he still has a loan himself. Once you take it under the MLO you sublet that lease to take over the rents and use the rents to pay off the new note or the existing note. Whatever you have left is positive cash flow and it is yours to keep. Now how much will the owner carry depends some will do anywhere from 80-90% requiring you to come up with some sort of consideration/down payment/EMD or whatever you want to call it. There are some that will do 100% and you can either do a full owner finance deal or you can do an MLO depending on what the owner wants done.
  11. Because some sellers want some skin in the game. They want some sort of consideration now if you can find a seller who will do 100% than yeah that would be sweet but those are far and between.
  12. It varies as far as the down. It's usually an 80/20 MLO where the seller carries the 80 and you bring in 20% down.
  13. It maybe the hardest 1150 you made but you earned that money so take that into consideration.
  14. http://cgi.ebay.com/Information-on-buying-...3%3A1%7C294%3A5 This guy is bold he's actually auctioning off information on a location of a house geez talk about agressive bird dogging lol.
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