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  1. It's being a while since I posted in these forums, and I couldn't resist this topic. Great stuff! Especially the texting. -Victor
  2. Yeah hopefully nothing happens to my computer because I already installed it, but so far so good. I just copied the link and paste it on my browser and it worked. Although, I'm confused on how to ad my e-mail in the e-mail settings ( I am terrible at computers)... what is a POP/ SMTP???? any help on that Mr. Investor?
  3. Okay I signed up... SO far what I see IS that I need to thank you for this! Has this saved you more time? Any leads?
  4. I have to register for it ... any spams or sales from this??
  5. Yeah I got it in my garage Interesting How? I can't see how you can get around that without mentioning it. Can I say I have a wife who is expecting our first child and saw their house and we love the house that we want a good deal on it? What's your strategy? - Victor
  6. I got to tell some of my coworkers, this is awesome. (the ones who are interesting in buying I mean) I already got word around I am an investor. Slowly but surely, que no?
  7. When you introduce the CA to them do you build rapport first? I am having difficult in finding my natural phone script per Se. First I've just bluntly said I am with a property management company and they hang up or just say NO So I tried asking about their house first and then I say "Sounds like you have a wonderful house would you be interested in a lease purchase?"... and Nada. These have been only some calls to the FSBO, I have not called FRBO's. Is it more productive on a FRBO? - Victor
  8. How about if you don't have a LLC or company? Can it still work by verifying I am alive?
  9. I have been skipping the management companies also, but is it possible to contact them and build a business partnership?
  10. Nice mekanic13! Better late than never, que no? (don't you think ) <--- translation of my spanglish.... Creating that momentum with those small steps is a sure way to keep you on your toes. I have not done a deal, yet, but I understand how a few actually "get it" and succeed. It is our trial and errors that will lead us (newbies) to that acknowledgment, before you know it you will see the world in a whole new level like Michael and the rest of the crew whom are out there that see it and get it. -Victor
  11. Hello Everyone! I took Jason's (AL) advice to take some time for my family. My dad's surgery was a success and he's doing much better now, and my wife is going to wait for her gallstones to be removed until the baby is born... Now I am back and on track. This week I met up with a mortgage broker with 28 years of experience, and she informed me about all different kinds of things I can do to buy my first home, (BUT I know I can't afford it lol). I mentioned I am also interested in the investing side. She told me more about that, also. Then I led her to the best part, but didn't get much of it, which Leasing. An hour and twenty minutes later our meeting left on a good note. That was my 3rd meeting with a Mortgage broker and she was the best one I've talked to. Must have been because I was prepared. The goal here is to establish a business relationship, where if she had someone that doesn't qualify for a loan but is still interested in purchasing one she can give me a call and send them my way. When they are ready to close then they can close with her. Today at 4- 6 pm (PS time) I am going to practice and polish my scripts from the manual. I'll call the ones that I believe won't be interested first, then move on to the best ones. I'm nervous just thinking about calling them! Tomorrow I'll call more at 11 am. Wish me luck! -Victor P.S How long did it take to sound natural and not canned when using these scripts?
  12. Wow smoothies have gone up that much? Damn economy
  13. Yeah, I guess I always thought there were more guest reading than members posting. I did not clarify. I will have at least 1 deal this year I will say that. Must be fine to have that problem. Let me guess... Life is GOOD? -Victor
  14. I'm back...I took your advice Jason about reading the manual (which I received Tuesday) and I just finished it tonight. I was glued. Thank you about my pops and wife also, I'm certain they will be fine, prayers are accepted. Also, great stuff Micheal you'll be hearing from me soon I am curious though... Any one here whom have done deals, you too Micheal , how many CA's and assigns. have you done since you started investing???
  15. Thank you Jason, It is great to see that 3 years ago you were my age with the same dilemma! I am glad that I took my step to get out of my "shell" sort of speak, and let everyone know who I am... Although I just came back from the hospital a few hours ago, took a shower, and rested for a bit. My father had a mild heart attack on Friday, but he hold on till yesterday to go to the hospital to have them check him out. He NEVER realized he had a heart attack, and he has too stubborn to go to the hospital because he felt like he can just "walk it off". Well, to end the long story short he will need an open heart surgery to bypass some arteries to get the blood flowing smoothly through the heart. They will tell us when he will have the surgery I am kinda kicking myself for not taking him to the hospital by force, but the good news all his organs are healthy, he is calm and has a positive attitude, and doctors said that he has a stronger shot he will get better after this surgery and are optimistic. Also, Saturday on valentines day I took my wife to the hospital because she had abdominal pains, who IS pregnant... She has gallstones Baby is okay thank god. She has a strict diet. Yeah, I am a bit overwhelmed about ALL this. I feel like I am taken on a roller coaster ride. I am not going to stop doing what I am doing because I can't. Family is First then all the rest. I am certain all these is no accident, everything happens for a reason... Just need to breath -Victor
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